26 April 2009

macarons and kolaches

macaron03despite not having any experience in the food industry…

kolache01 despite never attending a culinary school either…

macaron06 and despite the fact that i can only be around until mid-september…

kolache02 …I still got a job might get a job (edit as of 5/2/09) as an entry level pastry assistant.

macaron04YEP! It’s true. Passion, love, work, effort, being nice, detail, etc. etc. etc. is all it takes. There is never one route to a goal – all it takes is to figure out what works for you.

kolache03I absolutely can’t wait to start. But now, with summer roommate, summer housing, and summer job all taken care of, I can finally put 100% of my energy back into school. Last two weeks, hurray! It will be crazy but so wonderful.

macaron05 I was asked to bring in some samples of my work, and I chose pairs that represented my biggest loves in life. France and Asia. Sweet and Savory. Pastries and Breads. Strawberries and Green Onion. macarons and taiwanese style kolaches.

kolache04 the next year of my life is going to be so exciting.

edit 5/2/09 – don’t have a job just yet, got too excited.

PS: attention to detail definitely helped. for example:

1. i called the company beforehand and asked for the recruiter’s name, and addressed my application to him

2. the recruiter mentioned his wife was gluten intolerant, so i made macarons which are naturally gluten-free

3. i brought my samples in disposable strawberry containers and paper bags so they was no issue of me wanting to keep my container and forcing them to find a way to store the stuff.

4. i made some vegetarian bread as well just in case so I would not alienate any non-meat eaters.

5. i made finger food so there was no need to bring out silverware.

6. i was honest and did not lie. i told them upfront that I was going to be leaving, and that I had no professional experience 0r culinary school education. this way there will be no surprises later on. and they still were willing to hire me!

so be aware. and think about how you can make things smoother and more convenient. listening and paying attention can work wonders.

PPS: more details later since i was only verbally hired, when there is some pen to paper action I will share more :)

PPPS: for the macarons, the pink filling is strawberry almond buttercream, and the brown is hazelnut cocoa almond buttercream. for the kolaches, it’s the taiwanese chewy sweet bread topped with mayonnaise, ketchup, and green onion wrapped around an italian sausage.


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Good for you! It's amazing what can happen when you believe in yourself and have a tenacious spirit. Bravo for you!

Fifi Flowers said...

Those macarons look très amazing!!!
GOOD advice when seeking a position!
ENJOY your day!

Pinjing said...

Congratulations! Your post is so inspiring as my dream job is to work as a baker (or own my own bakery someday), despite not going to culinary or pastry school.

BTW, Your work looks delicious.

x said...

those macaroons look perfect, congrats!

cathy said...

thank you thank you!

Lizzie Chen said...

Do you have any left of this?! This looks so good!

Lizzie Chen said...

Also congrats on the job! Where will it be at?

Eileen said...

I've just found your website and really enjoy reading through it and viewing the photos. You're living my dream. I always wanted to bake professionally (without a culinary degree), and now full-fill that desire with my blog. I think what you're doing is great!

cathy said...

@lizzie: unfortunately no, they all went to the interview - but i'll make another batch soon!

eileen: your words make me happier and inspire me to continue at my dream - i wish you the best of luck!