10 April 2009

photography projects

I'm driving myself mad with all these photography things I want and need to do. I’m writing them down so they are nice and organized or else my mind is going to go crazy. so here goes:

1. People’s bookshelves and the things on them beyond books. How what we place on our bookshelves reflects who we are.

2. Library circulation desks and how personalities of current and past employees and patrons are left behind through the collection of toys and object that build up.

3A. The semi-private and public offices of my professors. After all, that’s where I spend a lot of my time, but it is also where some of the most important conversations I have happen – this is where stories get shared, advice is given, and encouragement is wished upon. This is where I really get to know the professors.


-3B. The semi-private and public offices of my professors and the little personal shrines that build up through their collections. THEN photograph the truly private collections – at their own homes. (! prof is most intrigued by this one. And it is the most challenging.)

4. Continue fresh and dried series, but head into veggies, meats, and leafy greens. (last priority since it isn’t school)

edit: 4/20, forgot about this one:

5. Document everything American for my future students. Signs, people, anything - to erase the cowboy image that I'm pretty sure the French have of Texas!

I’ll leave you with some shots at a baking supply shop in Taiwan to give this post some random visuals.

taiwanbakingsupply02 i actually am not so fond of the whisk. i’m much more loyal to the spatula. i could write a whole post about why i love my spatula. in fact, i think i will one day…

taiwanbakingsupply01 gorgeous baking cups. and CHEAP. why does america have such low packaging standards?? appearances DO matter. i actually do have a post about american bakery packaging brewing in my mind. later though.

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