03 April 2009

quiche with chicken and peas

the last of the pâte brisée i made is now gone. because it was turned into this:


a quiche with chicken and peas. originally i wanted broccoli, but it all came down to what was left in the fridge. my roommate (and me too) are guilty of buying stuff, sticking it in the freezer, and forgetting about it. but since the semester’s almost over, the stuff in the freezer (and pantry) needs to be eaten or else we’ll have to toss all of it when we move out.

quichechickenpeas01which means there will be lots of, ahem, creative things happening.


Ingredients I put into this strange quiche:

1 portion pâte brisée/pie dough

1 chicken breast/thigh/whatever, just enough to shred it into pieces, cooked

1 cup frozen peas, cooked

3 eggs

300ml heavy cream, or half and half

soy sauce, as needed

salt and pepper, as needed

garlic powder, as needed

i love how easy it is to remember this recipe. 3 eggs, 300ml of cream, and whatever else you can fit into your tart pan. none of this half cup this, quarter cup this, 45 grams this, 120 grams that, etc., etc. 3 and 300. how hard is that to forget?

The recipe is basically the same as the quiche lorraine i made last week. line your tart/quiche pan with the dough and put the shredded meat and peas in it. Then mix together your eggs, cream, salt & pepper, soy sauce, and garlic powder (or whatever you feel like adding) and pour it into tart over your chicken and peas.

Bake in a 350F oven for about 45 minutes, and yum! This is the end of the savory tart/quiche for now because I don’t plan on making anymore dough before the summer, I’ve got to continue clearing out the fridge. But i do have 2 sweet pie doughs left. So there will be a pie or tart soon!


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