20 April 2009

quinoa + beets + onions


i have a new love. solely because it makes everything beautiful. the beet.

can you believe I'd never really had beets before? i know for sure my mother has never used it in cooking, and its not so common in American cuisine either. i bought some beets a while ago to dry them out, but I had some extra sitting in my fridge.

today was also the first day I used quinoa – i’ve got too many vegan and vegetarian friends who talk about it a lot, and I impulsively decided to get some today because I needed to do something with my beets before they went bad.

and i had no idea how easy it was to make quinoa! i threw it into a pan, dumped in some water, put in some chopped beets and onions, and waited… and voila! Dinner. Somewhat tasteless because i didn’t add any salt or spices, but I kind of like it super simple.

fox Lately photography has been dominating my life. I had my first commercial job, which was photographing vintage purses! An absolute pleasure.

And I’ve also been venturing past offices and into the homes of collectors. And I was able to photograph a lovely fox collection. Still need to decide where I am taking this project.

2 weeks until the end of school…! until I am free to pursue my interests full force without the awkward chunk of time that school takes up…! Oooh, do I have plans! I can’t wait to share them when they are more concrete.

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Lizzie Chen said...

I've never had beets before...were they good? I've always been iffy about them! The CPA is a good idea, but the group that we were talking was $25 a week. For me, it's a bit pricy because there was not a lot of veggies in the bag and I eat a lot of veggies. I can take $25 and buy twice as much at Wheatsville. But I understand why they mark it up so much, it's a hard of work producing veggies! I am not sure which bakery my dad went to, I will ask him! I ate some yesterday and it was decent, not as good as the bakeries in Taiwan though! :(