07 April 2009

rings sneak peek and french and other ramblings

rings01 dried fruit rings

rings02 the pear ring

All those shots of dried fruit that I have been posting have not been for photography’s sake only. All the fruit, besides being eaten, are being turned into rings for metals. The photographing of them was a side thing, but it’s turning into its own project as well. playing with several ideas: 1. non permanence of jewelry and art in general, 2. food without the use of preservatives, 3. design wise, finding an original shape without destroying the inherent strength of the dried fruit, 4. a friend brought this up, femininity… feminism… this goes deep! that’s not my intent, but if the work makes others think of that, then i should consider it

Let’s talk French! yay!

The post below – that was the longest continuous French paragraph I’ve written. And I can’t wait until I can write something that long without getting a headache. Already, I am referring to wordreference less and less.

Of course i can’t talk when I am excited/happy/nervous in English. Imagine me in French. Imagine me attempting to talk to my French professor this morning in French about getting into the assistantship program. Uh huh, it was embarrassing.

BUT! I think there’s something else to it as well. During the summer, I had absolutely no problem speaking French because I knew very few structures, so everything came out very simple. Passé composé , imparfait, and present were about the only ones I used. And a voudrais every now and then to be polite. But I could form sentences fast in my head because the structures were short and sweet.

Now, I know so much more, and so it takes me a lot longer to formulate my sentences before I can say them. So although its part nervousness that makes me suck at talking, its also because I’m running through 7 or 8 tenses in my head. But it’s getting better. I’m going to speak fluidly eventually, and I know I’ll get plenty of practice!

I no longer feel embarrassed or uneasy about skipping so many French classes, because, I’ve proved that I belong where I am. I worked to catch up, and I’ve got the grades as well as a job in France to prove it! I’ve got one last crazy detail thing I’m doing, but I’ll talk about that later.

Let’s see where I go from here.. 4 weeks until the last day of class!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you. I adore Paris! I was there in October of '07 when the World Cup was going on. It was exciting! I loved La Duree, amongst a myriad of other fabulous things. I wish I could speak French or even just understand a bit, but even though I have a French last name, I don't understand a word of it. Love you blog, I'll be back for sure.

An Carol said...

Take easy for that i thought that you would improve little by little : )

Corinne said...


I am contacting you from Time Out New York magazine and would was wondering if your dried fruit rings are for sale at all. We are doing a piece on multi-use rings and would like feature yours. Please contact me at: fashion@timeoutny.com or 646-432-3171


Corinne Mohr

Laura said...

Hi Cathy,

my name is Laura, from Italy.
I visited you blog because I'm writing an article about new design and materials in jewellery, and in particular fruit and vegetables jewellery. Could you please tell me your surname? My article will be published on www.architetturaecosostenibile.it, an italian website about sustainability in architecture and design.
Your objects are really very nice!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Many thanks!

Laura, Milan, Italy

cathy said...

Hi Laura - my surname is "Wu." short and simple. please let me know when the article comes out! Cathy