03 April 2009

still dreaming

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 2008

it's april. by the end of the month... I'll either be really happy, or really bummed. or still waiting.

i'm talking about this, the english assistantship program in france.

i don't talk about it a lot, but it is always, always on my mind. there isn't a day since november that I haven't thought about it, dreamed about, and wished for it.

the nearer the date approaches for finding out, the more uneasy I feel.

But it's okay. If I don't get it, it doesn't mean I won't go back to France, it only means I'll have to take Route B or C or D. And trust me, regardless of the route, I am going to find myself in France again to continue where I left off last summer! It just may be later on instead of this year.

"waiting patiently" - can such a thing truly exist?

I want to say Marie Antoinette's gardens at Versailles. But I'm not sure. 2008.

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Nicisme said...

Keeping everything crossed for you!