17 May 2009

Blanton Trunk Show

blanton01 A few weekends ago, the Blanton Museum on campus hosted a trunk show, where they invited jewelry makers to showcase and sell their things. They do this twice a year, once at Christmas and once in the Spring for Mother’s Day.

But what’s nice is that a fellow classmate of mine who works there brought up the idea of allowing the metals department to showcase student work. This was our 2nd time, and it’s a wonderful experience because we get to interact with people beyond our bubble in the art building.

So here is a mini tour of what went on…

blanton02First off, of course, food! They had refreshments for everybody to happily munch on. Coconut macaroons, rainbow sugar cookies, and the most delicious strawberry-raspberry lemonade.  Aren’t the kitchen staff at the Blanton so lovely? Yum, yum!

blanton03 Sikara Jewelry is owned by Mousumi, but this here is Vanessa, her assistant, one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Sikara Jewelry is special in that they have several international designers and the jewelry is hand-made globally – so the jewelry is a lovely blend of different cultures.

blanton04 Some of their earrings up for sale.

blanton05 Next up is Laura Q Designs! Yet another lovely person. She’s an inspiration to me because she studied metals/jewelry at UT El Paso, and is still going strong today. So many studio art majors wander off into different fields, which is okay, but it is reassuring and nice to see those who stay in it.

blanton06 She hand carves all the resin she uses… aren’t those shapes so nice?

blanton07 I love love the way she’s chosen to display her work. Rice and beans. So simple, but so effective and wonderful!

blanton08 Unfortunately, Ingrid herself was stuck at a delayed airport, but her work was still here! Designs by Ingrid is a collection of jewelry that uses gorgeous stones and simple wirewrapping. She definitely has an eye for spotting rocks to turn into jewelry!

blanton09 A close-up of one of Ingrid’s necklaces. Gotta love that blue.

blanton10Cynthia Bloom. Can a name get much cooler than that? Cynthia uses antique beads and other old items to create her jewelry. What I found most intriguing is how she uses antique button molds from the Czech Republic to create new parts for her pieces. Definitely adds a new twist on the word “timeless.”

blanton11 Her button necklaces.

blanton12 And some of the antique Swarovski beads she uses.

blanton13I’m in love with how she displays her work: antique mirrors, lampshades, and velvety cloth – it really helps set the atmosphere for her jewelry.

blanton14And… not just jewelry, but chocolate as well! Lina (and her husband James) of Lina’s Cocoa Couture make chocolate bonbons with flavors I’m sure you’ve never tried before.

blanton15Like Spicy Mango with Basil. Or Coconut Pandan, which is a fruit from her native Indonesia. How about Blackcurrant, Port-Wine, and Chinese Five-Spice? They don’t just look good – they taste amazing as well because of her unique flavors.

blanton16 Afraid to jump? She has the usuals as well: hazelnuts, raspberries, etc. But one shouldn’t be too hesitant – there was sampling galore!

blanton17She had several (and I do mean several) flavors for people to try. I happily sampled all of them, yum yum! How can one ever go wrong with eating chocolate?

blanton18 And, ta-da, our lovely student table! Nothing beats seeing the reactions of the general public and being able to talk with them to see what they respond to.

blanton19 Jillian makes all sorts of amazing things inspired by nature.

blanton21 Tarina’s got an eye for shape. And she’s an awesome rower.

blanton22Alex is the coolguy who set this all up. And he’s got the simplest yet most effective mechanisms in his work.

blanton23 Beth is always bringing in a funny nature element to her work!

blanton24Christine has been experimenting with precious metal clay.

blanton20 I make things inspired by food. Whoever would’ve thought?

Even if there isn’t a trunk show going on, I highly suggest heading over to the Blanton Museum if you are in Austin because it has a nice collection of work. Plus, the gift shop is tons of fun!

The end! It was a great way to meet all sorts of people and see reactions to what people did and didn’t like. I’m glad I participated – things like this keep me motivated and hopeful!

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parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Gooooorgeous stuff! And love how you set out this post with descriptions and links to each, really really great!