12 May 2009

chicken asparagus quiche

quiche my roommate N and I are parting ways soon. we’re both graduating and our lives are taking us to new and amazing places.

here are some reasons why i’ll miss her…

oldroommate01the chi straightener. if i did not live with her, I would not get to play with this baby. i’ve managed to not buy one because every person i’ve ever lived one has had one. but now, i’ll actually have to get one. this thing gives me bounce, curl, and amazing volume. i will miss it so much.


quichecutout i can get away with this.

that’s right. crust and edges. my absolute favorite thing in the world, and she doesn’t like them. which means I get to eat them all. brownie edge? all mine. lasagna burnt edges? all mine. tart crust? MINE. pie curst? MINE. sometimes, she’ll eat a slice of something and won’t touch the crust, and instead of throwing it away, she saves it for me! it is the most perfect living arrangement. i get to eat all the crust, she doesn’t, and we’re both extremely happy.

crustringmy roommate for the summer, unfortunately, loves crust too, though perhaps not as much as me. but enough to not allow me to cut off the crusts off of everything for myself. so three years of happily hogging the crust is over now.

the recipe for this quiche is the same as this one and this one, with some ingredient tweaks. this makes a nice tiny quiche.


tart dough

200ml heavy cream

2 eggs

chicken tenderloins

canned asparagus (but fresh would taste better)

salt, pepper, nutmeg

but all jokes aside….

she’s been a wonderful roommate for the past 3 years. and a wonderful friend for the past 13 years. we met racing to the water fountain in third grade. i’m not sure how she puts up with me but i love her for it! We’re both heading toward wonderful things, and I’ll miss her dearly but she’ll never be far from me.

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parlezvouskiwi said...

I think the crustiest bits are the best! I love em too.

She sounded like a great roomie and is a wonderful friend.