24 May 2009

a crush

spam look, spam! but spam en français!

it doesn’t matter how terrible, ugly, or awful something is. if it is in french, i have a crush on it. it is the loveliest feeling on earth – to be infatuated with something. to be obsessed. to be in love. for me, it’s with a language, and anything associated with that language. (and also bakeries and jewelry and food and all sorts of other things. but i could go on forever about things i like.)

and i think its important, to have these passions and interests that drive your motivation to do things.

so have crushes. on people. on things. on animals. on anything. it gives you a wonderful reason to wake up and do stuff :)

and since i’m on the topic of french – i’m on my 4th french workbook right now, McGraw Hill’s Complete French Grammar by Annie Hemingway. I’m not sure if the book is simple, or if I’m smarter in French now, but it’s super easy! Less things are confusing to me. What used to give me a major headache and tons of re-reading only causes minor annoyances now. And that is a good good feeling. I’m also reading Le Fils du Pendu by Francis Chalifour, a french young adult novel I found at the library. And L'elegance du Herisson by Muriel Barbery. And resuming Don Quixote by Cervantes. And Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin in Chinese. For the first time since junior high, I'm reading seriously for pleasure again. However, the question is if I’ll actually finish them before they’re all due back at the library!

ps: vie de merde, the french version of fml, is my new favorite french learning tool. not only are they hilarious and in french, but most importantly, they're short. i can spend a few seconds or a few hours, but I always end up with lots of new vocabulary and phrases. another good one is postsecret france. They may be short, and not only do you improve your language skills, but you come out touched by the things people share.


parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Wow Cathy, Im so glad that I am not the only one with a total crush on the french language. I love anything in French and I actually think some english words are so much better expressed in French!!! Any time I see french words, I am in a flutter!

Thanks so much for the links, I hadnt seen any of those sites so I am heading there now :-)

And keep your crush :-)

cathy said...

i'm glad i'm not alone either! and i do hope you enjoy those sites :D