14 May 2009

first commissioned cake

firstsoldcake04that’s right… I sold a cake! My very first. 2009 is an exciting year for firsts: first metal piece sold, first photo sold, first commercial photo session, and now, first baked good sold! I must keep working so I can add many more firsts, and hopefully seconds! :)

I was given free reign to make a cake for a friend’s sister’s boyfriend… and of course, my mind instantly goes to strawberries. And I knew they’d never had a charlotte before, so I thought, why not?

The recipe is from La Tartine Gourmande, but I changed the visuals of the cake.

I’m going to rewrite the recipe in my own words (as usual) because it makes it easier for me when I want to make the cake again. Things always make much more sense when they are written in your own words.

firstsoldcake01 Ingredients for the syrup:

50g strawberries, puréed and strained

40g sugar

5tbs water

lemon juice, as needed

2tbs raspberry liqueur, optional

1. combine sugar and water, boil for one minute.

2. remove from heat, let cool for a bit, and add the strawberry purée along with lemon juice and optional liqueur.

Ingredients for the strawberry cream:

4 sheets of gelatin (8g)

300g strawberries, puréed

150g sugar

lemon juice, as needed

30cl heavy cream

1. soak gelatin sheets in water.

2. purée the strawberries, and mix in the sugar.

3. heat half of the strawberry puree mix.

4. remove excess water from the gelatin sheets, then add it into the heated purée. let it dissolve and mix.

5. pour in the other half of the strawberry purée and add the lemon juice. mix well, then remove from heat and let it cool.

6. whip the heavy cream into whipped cream.

7. add 1/3 of the whipped cream into the strawberry purée. fold carefully so it remains light. then add the rest and continue to fold until it is thoroughly mixed.

Ingredients for the raspberry coulis:

300g raspberries, puréed and strained

4tbs sugar

lemon juice, as needed

1. Heat the raspberry purée in a small pot

2. Add in sugar and lemon juice, then mix well.

3. Remove from heat and let it cool. Then pour it into a squeezable bottle.

firstsoldcake02 Assembly:

1 packet of lady fingers

5 or 6 large strawberries, quartered (adjust to how many you want)

syrup, cream, & coulis

1. Line your spring form pan/cake ring with parchment paper

2. Dip lady fingers into the syrup and line the bottom of your mold. Then continue to line the edge of your pan with the pretty side of the lady fingers facing out

3. Add a layer of cream into your lined pan. You can pipe it or simply scoop and spread with a spatula.

4. Scatter your strawberries on top of the cream.

5. add the rest of the cream

6. decorate the top as you like. For this cake, I sliced strawberries and made rings.

7. Embellish with raspberry coulis.

8. Let set in the refrigerator for a few hours until nice and set.

9. Eat and enjoy! Or, alternative is, to not touch it at step #6, wait for it to set in the fridge, and flip it over. then decorate that side. I love how you can decide which part of the cake is the top, because either one works fine.



Ciao Chow Linda said...

A masterpiece for your first commission. congratulations. The only problem is we can't get to see the inside of that beauty, but I'll bet it's luscious.

parlezvouskiwi said...

Yummmmmmmm. Congratulations on your first cake (of many I'm sure!). It is absolutely divine and actually makes my mouth water - you take such wonderful photography too.

Fifi Flowers said...

That cake is BEAUTIFUL!

cathy said...

thank you thank you :D!