13 May 2009


photoshop my eyes hurt from looking at the screen for so long. i’m working hard on updating my website before I send out another round of resumes and job applications – but I can only stare at a screen for so long! so i think a jog will be coming up soon.

lately, there have been several words that keep popping up randomly in my life. and one of them is honesty.

My photo professor is full of good advice. Such as, “all I ask is that you are true to what you like to photograph. do not try to lie to me about what you want to do. be honest about your work and I will respect that” in other words, don’t photograph things you don’t care about in attempts to impress and please him. photograph things that you actually like and want to photograph, and he will support everything you do.

that piece of advice extends beyond photography.

i won’t name names, but in attempt to support my locally owned chocolate shop, I bought some bars of chocolate. they were on sale too, a lovely brand called Beschle from Switzerland. They were a little dusty, and there was a giant sticker of the chocolate shop on top… I should have put two and two together, but it never crossed my mind that it could even be possible.

Then I got home. This is May 2009. I peeled off the sticker since I like saving my chocolate wrappers, and noticed the expiration date.31May 2008. I was just sold a bar of chocolate that was not only over a year old, but had been expired for a year. And not just because I may have overlooked it, but because the best by date was covered up.

In my mind, this was downright dishonest. Go ahead and sell old chocolate, but let me know. Don’t trick me. Be honest. Say you are selling old chocolate, and I bet some people don’t care and would still buy it. And for those who don’t, they will respect you for being upfront and honest about the age of your products.

In the end, who wins? The customer is now wary buying things. The business loses the customer’s trust. And the reputation of the chocolate manufacturer is tainted as well. Though no fault of Beschle, all I can associate with the word “Beschle” now is “expired chocolate".” I know I’d be incensed if my product was being sold well beyond the best by date.

it may have been a fluke or I may have been unlucky… but when I went back, the chocolate that expired in 2010 did not have a giant sticker covering up the date. i’m not sure what’s going on, but I’m definitely more careful when shopping for anything edible now.

honesty. it’s such a simple concept. really, i do believe a lot of problems in the world would be solved if we were all more honest.

I really hope it works out: i am living my life honestly. doing what I want to do because I love to do it and for no other reason. rent needs to be paid, but I’m going to find a way to do it that makes me happy!


An Carol said...

my eye it hurt too as you working with computer too long :) i should be rest some time for my eye .at the same time i`m hungry for your
dessert ;D you are talent on the food thing . Those your major ?

cathy said...

yep, studio art! but now i am no longer a student...!