02 May 2009

i spoke too soon

happyskirt02another lesson learned: do not misinterpret a really really good interview with a “you’re hired.” unless you hear those two words, nothing else matters. lot’s of things were said that I assumed meant I was in, but nope.

yep… i was a little bit too overexcited.

i was not rejected, but there was a little bit of miscommunication in that I did not hear the part about how they would like the pastry chef to make the final decision of who works in the kitchen. so I am not in, but i am not out either. and I let my excitement blind me and now i’ve told a lot of people false things. oops!

but most importantly, i am learning. and that is what truly matters in the end.

the search is still on – i’m going to continue applying and pursuing jobs around austin until it happens. so we shall see.but even if I don’t find anything, it doesn’t matter because regardless I will still be getting my bake on for a good three months! There are many things I want to make and I can’t wait to start.

but let’s talk about something that makes me happy and inspires me.

happyskirt01 like this skirt. from marie labarelle. a french architect who combined her love of architecture with fashion and has successfully integrated the two. this skirt was perfect. nothing could keep me from buying it – it uses the same vocabulary that I had been working with, and it was just perfect in every aspect. i bought it last summer, it burned a large hole in my wallet, but i justified it because 1) it is basically an art piece and more than simply a skirt 2) it has my aesthetic – poof, layers, waves, hidden surprises, etc. 3)i don’t own any designer anything. no lv, no chanel, no prada, etc. none of that stuff appeals to me. but a skirt made by someone who has combined her loves? it had to be mine. 4) i was in paris. how could I not?

happypearand look! my work today (unintentionally) has its similarities with the skirt. this is a pear that was sliced, dried, and then reconstructed.

i wore the skirt once in paris. i’ve yet to wear it in the US. still waiting for the perfect event. don’t worry, it won’t sit hidden away forever. PS: check out her website. it’s beautiful and I’m envious of all the things I wish I could have!


Coffee and Vanilla said...

sorry to hear that...

Pinjing said...

No worries, everything works out in the end. We're all rooting for you!

cathy said...

@coffee and vanilla:no need to feel sad! it stung for little bit, but i'm only inspired to continue trying!

@pinjing: thank you! already some potential doors have opened. can't way to see which ones i'll hopefully be entering :)

Fifi Flowers said...

Something else will come along... things happen for a reason... good luck to the next time!
Lovely photos of the skirt!

Nicisme said...

will keep my fingers crossed for you, something will come along soon.