16 May 2009

peach banana charlotte

peachbanana01the latest game in my apartment, since i am moving out, is “bake as much as you want but don’t buy anything new.” I have lots of flour and sugar, but the rest of the staples are running dangerously low. 1.5 sticks of butter. 9 eggs. 2 cups heavy cream. 0 cups milk. The things I can make are becoming more and more limited.

I knew I had half a pack of lady fingers remaining. Leftover cream from the last charlotte I made was waiting to be used. and in the fridge were peaches, kiwis, bananas, and one mango. I ate the mango so that was out.

The instructions are the same as this one, but I swapped out the fruit and added in some peach liqueur for the syrup. In total, I used 3 pureed peaches to make the syrup and cream, and then 3 slices peaches to decorate the top. I also used 3 bananas total: 1 for the coulis, 1 chopped up to mix with the cream, and 1 sliced to decorate the top.

peachbanana02Ladyfingers soaked in a peach puree and peach liqueur syrup. I ran dangerously close to running out of ladyfingers. You can see the half of a ladyfinger that remained. I became more and more nervous the more I lined the pan because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen if I ran out.

I lined the bottom of the ring before I did the sides. I’ve decided that I don’t like that anymore – see the first photo, how the sides don’t touch the bottom? Next time I will line the sides before I line the bottom, and it should look much nicer! (Though I think it would’ve looked fine had I flipped it over. But I didn’t.)

peachbanana03 Filled with whipped cream folded with peach puree, then chopped bananas thrown on top.

peachbanana04 Another layer of the cream, then sliced peaches and bananas to top it. Another thing I will do differently: embellish with the coulis first, then add the fruit layer. Because those blobs of gray look really sloppy. Also, I don’t think I’ll be using bananas ever again as a coulis, the color just looks really gross. But in the end it didn’t matter because everyone enjoyed it. So yay!


Ciao Chow Linda said...

Another fantastic offering!

cathy said...

@linda: thank you so much :)