12 May 2009

red, white, and blue

as of may 7th, 2009, 6PM – I no longer speak as a student. I’m a normal human being now. A civilian. An adult. A human. Since the age of 5 when I entered pre-k/kindergarten, essentially my entire cognitive years, I've been a student. and now I'm not.

I know I’ll go through a slump – after being surrounded by constant feedback and being in an energized environment, I know I’ll miss it even though I always complain about tests/crits /projects/etc. But i also know i’ll be fine because I’ll adapt and change to whatever lies ahead.

I’m excited to start living life without the obligations of being in school.

It just feels a bit strange – the label “student” which I’ve been under for most of my life is now gone.

Now, why the title “red, white, and blue”?

rwb01 …because i fell in love with this pattern on a dress I found in a vintage shop. and the colors were red, white, and blue.

rwb02 …because I finally mailed off a birthday present to my penpal in france (it should have been done in march but I left the present in Dallas) and the colors of france are red, white, and blue too. though, i am curious what order they say it in in france.

rwb03…because I fell in love with yet another dress, this time at a giant dillard’s outlet center on mother’s day.

flags im just full of love for these colors because they symbolize the three places i love most: texas, taiwan, and france. it can’t be a coincidence that all three places use the same three colors for their flag, can it?

now i’m just waiting for july 4th!

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parlezvouskiwi said...

Wow, love how you incorporated the blue, red, white theme into this post so beautifully. Welcome to non-student-hood! :-)