21 May 2009

tim walker

timwalker01Dear UTexas Library: I love you. Always have, always will. I love you even more when I don’t have to spend money but am still able to look at and touch books that I could never afford because you buy them for me. Like this Tim Walker book.

timwalker02And I <3 you even more when your staff orders books related to things I like but didn’t even request. Like this other Tim Walker book.

So to anybody at any major university: Your school has money! Lots of it! That’s what the football games are for, right? They are more than happy to spend it for you, but you have to put in the effort to let them know what you want.

And so, here are some of my favorite images from these two books. It is a tiny sliver of what those books have within their pages. (FYI, the “Pictures” book is a beast. Oversized and huge. A burden to carry, but a pleasure to flip through.)

(In case you don’t know who Mr. Walker is, he’s a fashion photographer known for his dreamy and imaginative shots. You’ll see what I mean later on.)

timwalker03Both of his books opened with this shot of this grasshopper. Although simple, it still has lots of the qualities found in his fashion photos. But what stood out the most to me is the fact that this little guy had his picture made in Austin, TX! And now, many years after this photograph, he is finally back in his hometown nestled on some library shelves.

timwalker04My summer is somewhat in limbo. I’ll talk about it later, but it was reassuring to see this photo. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder.

timwalker05I fell in love with this photo last summer in France. At that time, and at the time of writing that post, I had no idea who Tim Walker was. But then I saw this photo. And I knew. It had to be the same photographer. If it wasn’t, then there was some plagiarizing going on. Regardless, I’m still in love with both images.

timwalker06I love sketchbooks.

timwalker07They give you a rare peek into the artist’s mind. They allow you to fully explore your thoughts without any fear or constraint. And they are just so lovely to flip through years later to see what you were thinking about at the time.

timwalker08Look! He has a page of pastries in his sketchbook.

timwalker09I’m convinced that anything can be made better with the addition of balloons and umbrellas.

timwalker10Very Christo et Jeanne-Claude-esque…  but with his own twist. A giant bow. I love love love bows.

timwalker11 His work often takes the viewer back to childhood imagination and fairytales, and what better motif to use than the swan?

timwalker12 Swan lake is definitely one of my favorite fairy tales!

timwalker13 Just look at that light.

timwalker14I always like the dialogue that is brought out when something that is usually small becomes enlarged or vice-versa.

timwalker15 If I ever actually saw butterflies that large…

timwalker16Ah-hah! The library. My favorite place makes an appearance!

timwalker17i would not mind having this tree in my backyard.

timwalker18it’s all we need. to do, and to receive.


timwalker20refer to my comment about balloons earlier. am i right, or what? balloons do amazing things to a photograph!

timwalker21 silhouettes soaked in sunshine. love it.

i’d also like to share a quote I found by him in his book:

“The fairground used to come where I grew up. I’m still inspired by magical, escapist environments. Richard Avedon once told me: ‘Only photograph what you love. Everything else will slot into place’.” –Tim Walker


Linda Armstrong said...

I love this blog! I love the way your mind works. Off the wall--in a very good way.

RABBITTX said...


parlez-vous-kiwi said...

Wow what a great find, had never heard of this photographer but just had a look at his stuff and its incredible! Thanks for sharing :-) Love finding new fabulous photographers! And I agree about sketchbooks, I sketch all the time!

The 17 Year Old Intern said...

<3 it

chocolatecup said...

this is such a lovely post:) thank you for this:)

Shannon said...

Those are awesome photos, they gave me lots of inspiration for my photo class projects.

theothergirl said...

I love the picture of the grasshopper, I actually drew a picture inspired by it. You can find it on my blog theothergirl!