28 May 2009

wedding cookies in progress

weddingcookieinprogress04i’ve been busy giving myself carpal tunnel syndrome for this wedding.

weddingcookieinprogress00 look familiar? a bit shaky, but i have more to decorate so they’ll get better.

weddingcookieinprogress01and that’s just the table. there’s an entire kitchen covered in cookies. approximately 100, to be exact. the bride told me to not go crazy. but, she’s such a good friend, how could I not? I am more than happy to hole myself up in the kitchen for her :)

weddingcookieinprogress02here is some advice:

when you are tired, do not attempt to double a recipe that uses the American measuring system after having used the metric system for a good 10 months.
…because you will write 4 cups of butter instead of 4 sticks, due to the fact that you have no concept of what a stick or cup is after doing everything in grams for so long.

and your cookies will spread. no amount of freezing will keep all that butter from killing your perfect edges.


weddingcookieinprogress03But no worries, because then you give those batch of cookies to your mom to take to her work to share, and you start over and fix your mistake. and end up with perfect and beautiful edges. 90 degree angles all around, hooray!

that’s all for now – back to cookie making!

ps: and on an unrelated note, the response to my rings have been amazing. i’ll have a better response to them later, but right now I have to get these cookies done. thank you so so so much for liking them!


A sweetly summer's father said...

Cathy ~~ nice to meet you..
I'm mr,Oh in korea. My nickname is too lo~~ng, A sweetly summer's Father. this is my nickname..Anyway
I saw your great ring's photo. So I found your blog...I think. Your work is art..right? hahaha...
and, Keep in touch, beyond our area, ok?
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parlezvouskiwi said...

WOW, stunning, stunning, stunning. I would have you for my wedding ANY DAY! Sooo pretty. And like you say, practice makes perfect so I have no doubt by the wedding that you will be making perfect little cookies (they already look perfect to me!) :-)

cathy said...

@a sweetly: thank you so much for visiting, i'm glad you like the rings!

@parlez: thanks :) I just hope they stay put - they have a 3.5 hour drive before the wedding...

An Carol said...

these are fantasy color of the cookie :)

Fifi Flowers said...

ADORABLE wedding cookies!
Good luck with your German!