15 June 2009

dried fruit necklaces

driednecklaces04 part 2 of the dried fruit jewelry project. these were made in late april/early may.

Just more continuation and exploration of a material I adore.

driednecklaces01 My lovely now-ex roommate N being my model. <3

driednecklaces02 Beets & Red delicious apple.

driednecklaces03Close up.

driednecklaces05 Pears.

driednecklaces06 Beets and plums.

driednecklaces07 Granny smith apple.

driednecklaces08 Sweet potato.

driednecklaces09 Granny smith.


Some things have changed/I am playing with:

1. The fruit has been sealed, with either lacquer or wax. I wanted to see if these would hold up better/longer than the raw ones. However, I’m not a fan because it changes the meaning of the pieces somewhat – being sealed, they stop being about the moment and instead go into the preservation. And wax = bad because it just flakes off. I’m still on the hunt for different ways to treat the surface!

2. For the first time ever, a piece of mine involves no soldering. This was important to me because it was my last project as an art student, and I wouldn’t have access to equipment. So it felt god to be able to make something without relying on tons of equipment.

3. I am thinking of taking a break from the wearable. I’ve use the body for so long, and right now I am just eyeing the walls…

4. I still want to push the issue of time and memory – with any material, not just dried fruit.

We’ll see where dried fruit takes me! As always, I let the material guide me and never vice-versa. I’ve learned to not force, just follow and react.


A_Flama said...

Very creative and beautiful!!! :*

Veerle said...

Your dried fruit jewellery is just stunning! I do love them very muc!!
Are they for sale?

jen said...

these are awesome. maybe decoupage glue would help? but what do i know?!

furniture for the eyes said...

This is very creative. I already seen the ring.

pacifier clip said...

wow! never thought we could do jewelry with fruits! this is just very unique! :D

Jacob said...

Those are so cool!! really beautiful. I think this would make a great valentine's day gift for a sweetheart :)