20 June 2009

flat dried fruit

flatdriedfruit04today is an exciting day, because a radio interview I did a few weeks ago is finally airing! 11AM pacific time, but it will be up for download later on.

flatdriedfruit01it’s for good food, a radio show based in LA hosted by Evan Kleiman of Angeli Cafe about my dried fruit rings and necklaces.

I was definitely nervous during the pre-interview, but it went so smoothly (i think) for the real one.

flatdriedfruit03i feel as if the pieces themselves have made their own path. i only guide the material, but it really shines on its own without very much help from me. i never force it to do something it doesn’t want to do.  for example, some people are masters at manipulating their medium into very technical and precise shapes. but me, i would rather just work with the shape that is given to me naturally and build up the inherent strengths that it already possesses.  my metals professor once said that I had a sensitivity to material, which I think fits how I work very well.

i just try to find ways to emphasize and flatter the material by reacting to how it wants to be rather than forcing my ideas and forms onto it.

flatdriedfruit02and so i’m excited to see where my love for fruit and food will take me! this is where I left off before graduation. flat rings of sealed overlapping dried fruit. at first I intended them to be wearable, but I ditched that pretty quickly. i like the idea of playing with wall space, but it’s still in its beginning stages.

on a side note, a few friends have started a crit group and I was invited to take part in it. this is great because it keeps me actively thinking and making since I no longer have a grade and gpa to keep me going. and in a way, it’s more important than the crits at school because these are thoughts by people whose opinion I genuinely care about.

PS: my friend and now roommate M is on his way to being an art star! he’s one of 24 wonderful artists chosen as arthouse’s new american talent. (he’s the first one – mark aguhar.) i’m so proud of him, and one day I’ll do a proper post dedicated to him.

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hope n laughter said...

Congrats on your radio show spot, can't wait to hear it.