26 June 2009

mos burger

mosburgerlogoAs much as I love France, I can’t abandon my other love, Taiwan. So let’s take a little trip to this past Christmas. And I’d like to share a fast food (gasp!) burger (gasp!) joint that I enjoy – Mos Burger. It’s actually a Japanese chain, but there are 150 of them scattered throughout Taiwan. And 1,363 in Japan. ! Japan isn’t that much bigger than Taiwan… but then again, they are one of the most space efficient cultures out there.

What Mos Burger is famous for is their rice burger – rather than the American style hamburger bun, the founder, Atsushi Sakurada, decided to tailor his burger to the Japanese taste buds and make his own bun, made of rice. Size wise, they are also tailored to Asian portions – smaller than an American burger, but larger than a slider. In other words, perfect for me! Not too big, but not too tiny either.

mosburger_websiteHere are photos taken from their website. I’m putting up theirs because mine are terribly shot. (If you want to visit their website, I suggest visiting the Singapore one since it is in English.)

mosburgermenuTheir menu is English friendly! Although… I still don’t know what Yakinuku/Shogayaki/Konnyaku/etc is, so I had to resort to the “point at picture and order” style of ordering.

mosburger_togo If you order them to go, they come packaged like this. All wrapped up and ready to eat!

I would like to add, that at the time of taking these photos, I had 3 hungry people waiting on me. So there was no time to find a nice spot, clear a background, carefully place the burger on a plate and arrange it… it was was essentially: unwrap, take 2 photos, eat. As much as I like nice food pictures, I’m not a cruel person when others are waiting – life comes first, pretty food pictures come second. Besides, it just means I’ll have to eat at Mos burger again, when there aren’t growling stomachs around me.

And honestly, I have no idea what’s in them… but I’m not a picky person, so it was all good to me.

mosburger01_seafoodriceburgerSeafood Rice Burger - 海洋珍珠堡 – hai3 yang2 zhen1 zhu1 bao3

mosburger02_yakinakuYakiniku Rice Burger - 燒肉珍珠堡 – shao1 rou4 zhen1 zhu1 bao3 (beef)

mosburger03_shogayakiShogayaki Rice Burger - 薑燒珍珠堡 – jiang1 shao1 zhen1 zhu1 bao3 (pork)

mosburger04_konnyaku Konnyaku Rice Burger - 蒟蒻珍珠堡 – ju3 ruo4 zhen1 zhu1 bao3

What is konnyaku? I don’t know, but Wikipedia does! Apparently it’s a vegan plant substitute for gelatin.

mosburger05_shrimpcutletburgerShrimp Cutlet Burger - 黃金炸蝦堡 – huang2 jin1 zha4 xia1 bao3

mosburger_dessert 白玉紅豆派 – bai2 yu2 hong2 dou4 pai4

This is a… i don’t even know. It has red bean, which is a common item in Taiwanese desserts. Either way, delicious to me.

A fair warning, Mos Rice burgers are messy to eat. As you can imagine, rice doesn’t hold together as well as a burger bun. And if you ever find yourself in Taiwan, McDonald’s has their own version of the rice burger as well…. but keep in mind that Mos Burger is the one that came up with it, so you should try Mos Burger’s first. There plenty of other unique things to eat on the McD menu.


You can even order milk in a cute bottle! And green tea milk… i think.

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The 17 Year Old Intern said...

it's popular in Hong Kong as well,
even though i was never tempted to try.