28 June 2009

summer happenings

summerupto00besides cramming an entire year’s worth of german into an eleven week period, swimming at my new favorite pool because it’s free and has a designated lap lane to keep out the kiddos, and diving into good books… here is what i've been doing and thinking about.

summerupto01yet another reason why I could never, ever, ever be vegetarian or vegan or anything that cuts out anything.

taiwanese sweet bread (with lots of egg and butter). delicious by itself

add some fine herb boursin cheese. insanely delicious.

bacon. explosively delicious.

best combo ever, thanks to my roommate M for making up this one.

summerupto02I have lots of flour. lots more than normal people. more specifically, more like 24lbs more than normal people. so I’ve begun making lots of bread! here is a honfleur country bread, aka pain de campagne – honfleur, that is resting and rising.

summerupto03spinach quiche. same thing as the quiche lorraine, except spinach replaced the bacon.

summerupto04and in the art realm, here is where some dried pears have taken me! they are pinned to a piece of cork, which makes this entire block bendy and fun.

summerupto05a close-up. a comment I got at my art crit last week: these fruit pieces work either tiny (rings, jewelry) or large. medium does not suit them well. they are stronger as sculpture rather than flat on the wall. lots to think about and play around.

and that is my summer so far!


reineke said...

Lol, I've signed up for two German classes at the local Goethe institute. I've decided that the whole "input" and learning through exposure thing was very cool and all but that I also needed some practice.

Your blog contains some really cool, appetising and unusual pictures. I wouldn't recommend it to people on diet.

hope n laughter said...

True I'm trying to restrain myself, but every time I get on here I must have something sweet to curb the craving that this blog creates. N your doing much more than I am this summer. I need a hobby.

x said...

food, reading and swimming; sounds heavenly =)

cathy said...

@reineke: yay! have fun with your german practice. hope your classes are better than mine. i am 50/50 on my german teacher's style. more like 20/80. i'm not fond of his method. and yep, i agree, my blog is not for people on a diet.

@hope: just start trying different things! and whatever you like, just start pursuing it like crazy... and voila, a new hobby! :)

@x: heavenly indeed!

Jennie said...

Your blog makes me so hungry!

reineke said...

That’s what you get for that Mel Brooks reference :)

What 20% do you like and what is it that you do not like?

Well, sometimes by following someone else’s directions we also gain a different kind of insight. Sometimes, but not always. Hey, you’re doing German. It’s a drop in the ocean.

I signed up for an intermediate and an advanced class (at the same time) and they wanted to know what possessed me to do so. The email they sent me made me think they were going to refuse, but it turned out ok. However the enrollments are so low that the intermediate class might get cancelled. I hope not. I am looking forward to something different.