28 July 2009

backlit fun

peachtart01 hmm… what’s this…?

peachtart02 i’ll take a few steps back… is it becoming clearer?

peachtart03ah! a revealing hint. but not from me, this is evidence left behind from my roomie. this summer, there are peach pits and peaches that pop up randomly around the kitchen. one day it will be empty, the next day there will be 15 peaches rolling around on the table. then they’ll be gone, a few days pass, and suddenly, 10 peaches are on the kitchen counter. someone has a peach obsession. it’s okay, i don’t judge.

peachtart04ah-hah! i’ve turned my back to the window so you can see the mystery tart better. a collaboration here. i made the pie crust, and the roomie did everything else.

peachtart05The simplicity of this tart is that it’s just peaches on piecrust with a few random additions. No cream or filling, just nice ripe peaches and a delicious crust. The “recipe” is quite easy. Roll out your pie crust, line the tart pan, slice the peaches, and arrange them nicely on the crust. From here you it can go straight to a 350F oven for about 50 minutes. But he decided to sprinkle some flour on it, pour in a little bit of amaretto liqueur, and brush it with a strawberry jam.

do i love verbs, or what?

Oh, and eating this with vanilla ice cream is amazing…!


Shannon said...

I love the way backlit photos look! I had a Photo class project on a specific style of lighting and I chose back-lighting. I love the shadows and sillouettes.

cathy said...

@shannon: me too! it always gives it a very seductive and mysterious feeling.

katherin said...

me three. They've been popular way of taking pictures here in our place.