23 July 2009

évreux: online impressions

évreux. my new home for a good  7 months. I found out about two weeks ago, and of course I have done as much cyber stalking as possible, trying to learn more about my future home. and so, here are the things google has shown me about évreux!

evreux01close to paris, but not too close! far from paris, but not too far! if i need an escape, paris is right there! yay! and i can also escape the other direction to beaches and waves and saltwater, yes yes yes! (source)

evreux02it definitely is not a tourist stop. which is good, more french practice for me! another sign is that the tripadvisor évreux forum has zero posts. nada. nobody is asking questions or even considering going! except me, of course. (source)

evreux0350,000 sounds like a lot until I compare it to the places I live now. and also UT has 50,000 students. my university is the same size as évreux! i’m so tickled by that idea. (source)

evreux04so i’ve corrected this image. but maybe it still will feel like a little city to me once I get there. big town or little city, i won’t decide until I get there!

evreux05 then I hopped to youtube… first up, a strike. (source)

evreux06 then some riots… (source)

evreux07 a teen steals a moped and hits a child… (source)

okay, so youtube is not a good intro to évreux. moving on!

evreux08 it has lighted walk paths! (source)

evreux09and typing “évreux” in flickr brings up nice things. like this lovely picture.(source)

evreux10 and a bridge. (source)

evreux11 there were a ton of concert shots. (source)

evreux12 puffy clouds, best thing ever. (source)

evreux13 they give us beef, cheese, milk, yogurt… how i love them! (source)

evreux14i’m going to guess that these are streetlamps. (source)

can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait to start this new experience! and i of course can’t wait until I can show pictures that I make, instead  of scouring the internet for them. no more googling for me, i don’t want to “spoil” all the surprises of évreux by finding out and seeing everything beforehand!


x said...

oooh yay, how exciting! what are you going to be doing there? when do you go?

will look forward to see your pictures of the town, but more importantly, i'm excited to see pictures of the food ;) priorities haha.

cathy said...

@x: i'm going to be an english assistant for some elem. schools, and I start Oct. 1. Except, I'm leaving a month early to do some traveling. and, of course, i won't forget my priorities: seeking out delicious things, yum!

hope n laughter said...

I'm so looking forward to reading your exploratins of yummy places.

parlezvouskiwi said...

Haha I really loved this post Cathy! Those are the few websites I scope out when researching places too. And tripadvisor had "one" thing to do for évreux? I think thats pretty dam cool - you will have to let us know the secrets of your new home! Exciting! We will soon both be in France :-) WOO!

Eileen said...

Hey, cool to see another Texan heading off to France! (I just ran across your blog just now.) And I think 50,000 feels like more in France because the cities are denser, so I wouldn't worry about it (not that you sound worried).