26 July 2009

farmer’s market & figs


i’m not proud to admit this, but… today (or rather, since it’s 12:55 AM, yesterday) I ate a fig for the first time. In 22 years, I’d never had a real fig. For me, figs were in those nasty fig newton bars that looked like clogged arteries. (i can thank jay leno for that lovely visual reference).

and last year, i had a jam with figues – french for fig. still, it was brown and not so pretty like those strawberry jams so i wasn’t too impressed.

but my favorite thing to do on saturday mornings is to bike to the farmer’s market and just walk around while letting my tummy decide what to buy. 3 weeks ago it was a hibiscus mint tea, 2 weeks ago it was the squash, last week it was a breakfast taco, and this week it was a tiny basket of figs.

boy oh boy, things are going to change. i’ve got a new favorite fruit. don’t get me wrong, i’m still loyal to strawberries. but figs. holy moly. i had no idea about the surprise you get once you slice it open! later on, once i’ve eaten enough, i’ll incorporate figs into something baked. but for right now, they’re so perfect by themselves that to bake with them would be an insult to the fruit.

so please excuse me, i’ve got some serious catching up to do since i’ve obviously been missing out for the past 22 years!


English: fig

French: une figue

German: die Feige

Chinese: 無花果 / wú huā guǒ

Now I know how to say it in four languages!


Shannon said...

My favorite thing with figs is carmelized onion, goat cheese, and fig tarts. We usually use dried figs but I am sure fresh would work as well. We put them in little filo dough shells and make the onions extra sweet with crumbled goat cheese! Yum!

Debora Alves said...

I love your blog!
I always see it in my page on Google Reader.
Now you can say you now how to say figs in five languages:
Portuguese: figos
Best wishes,
Debora (Brazil)

hope n laughter said...

N in Spanish: HIGO sounds like eagle. I like figs alot but they are hard to find.

parlezvouskiwi said...

I have to admit, I have never tried a fig ever either..... :P

cathy said...

@shannon: have. to. try. that. ! sounds soo good.

@debora: thank you for the portuguese lesson!

@hope: thanks for the spanish :) hard to find indeed, but so so so worth it.

@parlez: better get on it!