01 July 2009

jb butterfly wedding cookies

jbcookie00from a sketch to a finished cookie. when a bride is getting married, money is not what gets you the best dress, cake, or cookie. it’s the people surrounding the bride.

jbcookie01my first ever ever ever roommate got married. and while these cookies may look like nothing special, they are in fact very special. because they have my favorite thing: hidden surprises and meanings!

her name starts with a J. the groom’s name starts with a B. can you see the connected J and B?

her absolute favorite animal is the butterfly. can you see the butterfly?

her absolute favorite color is purple. can you see the purple?

details like that only come from years of friendship that bakeries can’t offer. and that is why i love baking, because it’s a delicious way of showing some love.

and now, the transformation from a naked cookie to a pretty cookie!

jbcookie02pre-bake your guidelines. i like to lightly indent lines where I plan on icing the cookie before baking it. that way, i have guides and don’t need to worry about messing up.

jbcookie03 with a stiff royal icing, pipe the outline and let it dry.

jbcookie04 then flood it with some runny icing. if you notice, I didn’t fill it up completely.

jbcookie05because I then used toothpicks to nudge the icing over to the edge. but don’t let it dry just yet…!

jbcookie06 then i used some runny purple royal icing and piped a row of dots.

jbcookie07then I dragged a toothpick through the purple dots to make some hearts. now i can finally let it sit and dry.

jbcookie08oh but I lied. not completely done. I came back later with the stiff royal icing and piped the outline of a heart.

jbcookie09 swirls are always, always a safe bet for pretty cookies! and white on white is always safe bet. not only is it less work, but they look super clean and elegant.


the wedding was on may 30. but instead of writing 3-0, I made the 0 into a heart shape. so it was May 3♥ . isn’t that so much cuter!?

icing notes: when I first learned how to ice cookies, i followed the icing recipe from cookie craft. however, i don’t have the book with me at the moment so I don’t remember the measurements. but regardless, i actually don’t do any measuring anymore. i just start mixing a few tablespoons of egg whites, a few tablespoons of water, a few drops of vanilla extract, and slowly add powdered sugar until I get the consistency I want. it’s hard to explain, but it’s something you just have to play with. one day i’ll write better details.

PS: i have nothing against bakeries! they make a lot of beautiful and delicious things. but it’s hard to be close to them when you don’t share a room with them for an entire year :)


Jevans618 said...

I love you, Cathy!!!

cathy said...

that was quick! i love you too!! <3

x said...

these are beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Those are some BEAUTIFUL cookies!!!! So elegant, Id of loved something like those at my wedding! Well done!

Ancarol said...

i don`t have been see the cake like this !! it`s wonderful and very very special : )

Jayme Duke said...

What an awesome friend you are! Those cookies are absoultey gorgeous. I love that you managed to make the bride and grooms initials into something that also has special meaning to the bride.

Really great work! How many did you have to make?

hope n laughter said...

Now that's a treat. I liked all those special significances the wedding cookie had.

cathy said...

thank you, everybody!

@Jayme: I made ten of these JB butterfly cookies, but I made about 100 cookies more of a different design. I haven't sorted through the photos yet, so that's why they aren't on here... yet!

Shannon said...

So perfect and romantic! Where did you get that unique butterfly cookie cutter? I have never seen one like that, so whimsical but elegant

cathy said...

@Shannon: I made a very crude one out of copper myself. What I did was draw the design on a a block of wood, then use a band saw to cut it out, and finally wrapped a strip of 32 gauge copper around the block to get the shape and taped the edges together. Not exactly the strongest or most durable, but it worked!

Nicisme said...

Looks like you have been busy!
You must have loads of patience, the cookies are gorgeous!!!

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

Those are so beautiful and I love how much meaning they hold.

Xinmei @ Pudding Pie Lane said...

I just came across your blog. I love these, they are verrry nice :) (So if your blog too!)