02 July 2009


playdate01 informal play dates are fun.

playdate02 pencils. markers. lemonade. cashew jacks. summer. glue. friends.

playdate03national geographic. scissors. babies. bread. muffin hands. white cheetos. pistachios.

playdate04sometimes, all you want to do is make stuff like you did when you were 5 and just hang out. and what ends up is a large collaborative collage, filled with a mix of drawings and paintings from a group of friends.


hope n laughter said...

I'd forgotten about things like that. I'm gonna do it.

Kelly Rae Burns said...

<3 you

reineke said...

How intensive is the course? How many hours per week? Who’s the mystery teacher? The same guy?

My intermediate German class was a little disappointing. It was exciting to actually start using the language with a real German person. The instructor is a nice guy. He is ready to help. He has simply been in the US a bit too long and is perhaps too fond of reading in English only. Except for one person, the other students don’t correspond to the official description of B2 intermediate students.

The advanced course was great. The instructor is top notch and most of the other students are very good.