27 August 2009

103 wedding cookies

stackedweddingcookies014 years ago, right around this exact same time, i was moving into a dorm for my first ever year at college. if not for the potluck system, i’d never have met J. and we wouldn’t have become awesome roommates. and these cookies would never have existed because they were made for her wedding this past may.

stackedweddingcookies02although I made the butterfly cookies on the same day, i’ve avoided writing about these because these are 103 in number and i had taken 807 photos and i didn’t want to sit down and sift through the beastly pile. (i know… i tend to overtake photos with many angles and whatnot to see what gives me the best picture.)

stackedweddingcookies03but it’s done! I did it! I had too many ideas of what I wanted to do, so I set some rules so they would still be cohesive at the end. and that was: same shape, same colors. I chose the square and stuck to it. I let J choose the color, added white, and stuck to that as well. Without those common things, these cookies might be pretty individually but would look like a mess together. but this way, they look good on their own and sitting next to one another.

stackedweddingcookies04i just used a bunch of elements and repeated them over and over, in different areas and in different ways.

stackedweddingcookies05 like the JB butterfly logo. little swirls.

stackedweddingcookies06 i’d change up the way i flooded the icing:

1. white outline, white filling

2. white outline, green filling

3. green outline, green filling

4. green outline, white filling

stackedweddingcookies07and when I got tired of drawing hearts and JB and other things? why, I call the bride-to-be! and ask her to name all the couples attending her wedding. so then i made them little cookies as well. after all, isn’t a wedding a celebration of marriage and love?

stackedweddingcookies08lines and dots are most versatile thing ever. they’re easy, but make everything look so good.

stackedweddingcookies09and some cookies didn’t even get stacked. that just left me a bigger palette to decorate.

stackedweddingcookies10the wedding date was may 30th. but i replaced the 0 with a <3 instead.

stackedweddingcookies11hearts can never get old. or grow old, for that matter.

stackedweddingcookies12although it doesn’t look as good… using a larger icing tip results in thicker icing but happier hands because they don’t have to squeeze as hard.

stackedweddingcookies13i also liked adding a a heart balloon to the end of names.

stackedweddingcookies14 all these cookies have been gobbled up by now!

stackedweddingcookies15i love how white is so beautiful by itself. it really does not need another color to make it look good.

stackedweddingcookies16 stackedweddingcookies17then i had fun and even piped a mini garden with a sun on this one.

stackedweddingcookies18she told me not to go crazy with the cookies. but how could i not?

stackedweddingcookies19 ah! the JB butterfly is spotted!

stackedweddingcookies20 in the middle cookie, i love how the lines help “tie” the cookies together.

stackedweddingcookies21 we’re nearing the end...

stackedweddingcookies22technicalities: i used the sugar cookie recipe from cookie craft here, and for the icing, i just eyeballed it. but you can start with 2 cups powdered sugar + 3 tbs egg whites + 1 tsp vanilla extract + 1 tbs warm water (as needed) for piping icing. then add water until you get a consistency you like for flooding. one day i’ll write a proper guide on how I do it, but not today.

stackedweddingcookies23then i decided to make hearts grow on stems.

wedding and here are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. of course they include the cakes. and not made by me. made by other people who love them very much. i only had cookie duty. i wish J and B a happy marriage forever and ever!


Jessie said...

You definitely win!!! Love you!!!

Eileen said...

Those are so cute! I would want them to just solidify and sit around the house forever.

LegalAlien said...

Wow, they are so cute!
Beautiful, really!

Jennifer said...

GREAT JOB! These are so beautiful!!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I always over take pictures too, but what are you supposed to do with 103 cookies! I take about 100 per single item, so nearly 1000 sounds about right! Case and point - my recent travail in the kitchen I was too tired to take pictures and oi, I paid the price! But you, my dear took lovely pictures of such adorable pictures! I love each and every one of them, and I'm impressed!

cathy said...

@jessie: and I <3 you!

thank you everybody!

@fahrenheit 350: glad i'm not the only one! it just seems so wrong to not take a picture of even one cookie, so I have to make sure they all get equal camera love. at least our cameras are working as hard as we are in the kitchen :)

Chloe said...

OMG! I love your cookies! My favorite is the one on the very bottom right of stackedweddingcookies10. I love how there's no hard lines between the white hearts and the green background and how the hearts just blend in. Are these shortbread cookies?

I'm taking a cookie decorating class (actually a cookie bouquet class) at Michael's next month.. SO excited!!

Hillary said...

Cant believe you made 103 of those cookies - so impressed! I love the concept too - tiered cookies to resemble a wedding cake. So clever! You should submit the recipe to Recipe4Living!