02 August 2009


it’s august already?

what? where did my summer go? and why have i been slacking on writing? oh, i know… (aside from the whole learning german thing, which is reason one.)

moviesreason two. foreign movie watching. regardless of how awful a movie is, even if it’s boring or if the story sucks, I will enjoy it regardless because i can always just ignore the plot and focus on practicing my listening skills. unlike english films, where if they suck, well, they suck and you are stuck with it. but at least with sucky french films, i learn a few words and get some practice in (none of the above actually sucked, i’m just saying a general statement).

but german films. that is a bit tougher. because, i am not a fan of war movies. battles, guns, shooting, explosions = not my thing. once in a while they are okay, but not often. and the german movies that my local video store carries are 90% WWII related. i know it’s important, it’s history, etc, but that’s not what I want to watch in a movie. so imagine when I spotted up tuvalu, a fantasy! a love story! magic! no hitler! no tanks! no war! finally a way to practice german without involving WWII.

and i popped it in. and it was german all right, but it was a german silent film.

oh well.

donquixote01reason three. reading the adventures of a famous knight and his loyal squire, the one and only mr. don quixote. thank you cervantes for such a great story.

donquixote02all 1050 pages of it done. done! and these were newsprint thin pages too. (ps. i haven’t read a “real” book since high school. so this is major news for me, to have actually started and finished a classic on my own.)

reason four. trip planning. not much to say about this. guidebooks, craigslist, tripadvisor, google maps, etc.

of course a lot of baking, i just have been occupied by the above interests. but here are some teases: clafoutis. grape juice tart. bakewell tart. financiers. bread. rye bread. chestnut purees. danish sand cake. swedish butter cookies. okra. milk bread. milk bread again. and some proof that you believe me:

cookietease it’ll come. eventually.

yummyproof see? lot’s of baking going on – just have not had the energy to go through it all. doesn’t help that my computer is kind of s-l-o-w. (but I still love it)


parlezvouskiwi said...

i looooove foreign films for the same reason as you say :-) ooooh so many baking ideas to come!! WOO

Rebekka said...

Grape juice tart? Love the sound of that!