06 August 2009

who killed with what and where at?

bennu01twenty-four hour coffee shops are the best. in fact, anything twenty-four hours is great in my book.

bennu02 combine that with a game you haven’t played in over 10 years…

bennu03 …like clue! and i decided Mrs. White is my favorite character because she’s obviously a baker.

bennu04 let’s add in a slice of carrot cake.

bennu05 then switch to a game with lots of baby-makin’.

bennu06 and a spinner instead of dice.

bennu07and lots of insurance + cold hard cash…. ‘tis the game of life!

playing board games reminds me of learning languages. they’re always a headache at first because you have to learn (or, relearn) the rules of how the game is played. when my friends first suggested playing clue I groaned and thought, “noooo it’s late and i don’t want to do any thinking or learning…” and it’s frustrating the first few rounds because you aren’t ever sure what exactly is going on around you. but! once you get it, it’s insanely fun. and now i’m addicted. to clue, life, french, and german.


Jayme Duke said...

I love board games! Life is a fun one, and I think I've only played Clue maybe once? I don't remember finishing the game lol. I also really like Sorry, that's a fun one too, especially when you get to bump someone and send them back home and just shrug and say, "Sorry!" as annoyingly as possible! haha

And I absolutely agree on 24 hour coffee shops!

Fifi Flowers said...

FUn to play games and nibble yummy treats!

Liang said...

I miss playing board games, although sadly, being an only child I spent most of my childhood playing them by myself. Nowadays, my friends and I only play games like Taboo or Guesstures, nothing epic like Life or Monopoly or Clue!

cathy said...

@jayme: but how could you not find out who the murderer was!? gasp! you must play again one day :)

@fifi: always a good combo!

@liang: love those as well, but we can't get too crazy in a coffee shop!