25 August 2009

a bright blue box

swan01i don’t remember why, but something I made a long time ago required some potato flour. so i bought a box. but I only needed a little scoop, and I was stuck with a practically full box of potato flour in my cabinet. after all, how often does one need this stuff?

swan02but I didn’t mind – just look how nicely designed the box is! it’s a kickback to a different era, and  it’s not often that I get a bright burst of blue in my cabinets. it’s simplicity is a nice break from the “overdesigned” packaging of other things.

swan03but then I had to move out of my apartment. and so, when moving, one must make a decision about ever single object. not fun, but necessary. so when it came to the turn of the potato flour, I had three options: 1. trash 2. lug it home, and let it sit for a few more years or 3. actually use it.

but what was I going to make…?

swan05 lucky me. they have recipes on the side of the box. and i happened to have all the ingredients. and it was super simple. just look at those directions – only 3 sentences. so why bother searching for a recipe when there is one right in front of me?

swan04voila! danish sand cake. and after making it, I know why it’s called sand cake – just like sand, it doesn’t hold up very well. take one bite, no chewing necessary, and this delicate cake just falls apart in y0ur mouth.

swan08but I still had half a box of this stuff. what to do? lucky me – there’s a recipe for swedish butter cookies on the other side. perfect.

swan06and voila! here they are. and just like the cake, these were also super delicate and fell apart like sand once in your mouth.

swan07here are some crumbs to prove it. i broke a bunch of these just lifting and moving them – so be extra careful if you decide to make anything with potato flour!

ps: the oven is still broken, but i have a large backlog of things to write about :)!

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hope n laughter said...

I would have gone with the chunk it route since it's easiest, but look on what I would have missed out on.