14 August 2009


done with german. going to miss the class - and boy do I have a lot to say about learning a language in 12 weeks! the last words my professor to me were, "and as you know, keep practicing, or else you will forget all your german..." .......except that today i'm running away to quebec to practice my french. and follow my tummy. you can bet i'll be back with lots of edible eye candy. and hopefully my french will go up as well. can't wait. technically this is my "summer vacation" but this entire summer has felt like vacation - that's how much I enjoyed German! :)

a plus tard! when i come back, it'll be preparing for paris!


reineke said...

Bon voyage. Have lots of fun.

cathy said...

@reineke: thank you! i indeed had an amazing time, plus my french has jumped up another step!