10 August 2009


i started an entry on some blueberries, egg whites, and almond flour… but then i got distracted.

rain a rain date. first off, it’s rare since it’s summer in texas, and every day we hear about record high temperatures and record low lake levels. one tends to forget what the pitter patter of rain sounds like.

second, i don’t like the rain at all if i have something to do – so I basically hated rain anytime i had class. the absolute worst is: rain + me + glasses + bike. i’ve done it many a times and it’s always miserable.

but, when you don’t have anywhere to be…. and when it hasn’t rained since april or so…. and when the sun is shining and the sky is blue at the same time that it’s pouring down… and you are sheltered on a little patio… i absolutely love it.

also, i’m trying to spend as much time as possible with people right now. because it’s hitting me that i only have 4 more days in austin. 4 days to say goodbye and hello.


chocolatecup said...

when i read your first sentence- i was like how can anyone gt distracted when its blueberries, egg white and almond flour but then i read the rest of the entry and i was like wow. i love rain.

cathy said...

@chocolatecup: :)! and rain is even lovelier when you've forgotten what it feels like