27 August 2009

a simple cheese

cheesei know it looks funny. i’m making cheese. and even i’m doubting that it’ll actually work – it was too simple! all i did was put some sour cream in a pair of pantyhose.

but i’m trusting you, max mccalman and david gibbons. you guys have written a nice book so i really hope this really does turn into a tasty cheese.

in 3-4 days, i’ll know! ps the “recipe” is on page 41.

pps remember oven is still broken. a little break from ice cream churning, that’s all.


just-a-mom said...

Wow, this is an amazing blog. I have read at least 100 food blogs in the last couple of months, and your is definitely one of the most well written.

It's downright delightful.

Thank you for the much needed breath of fresh air in the food blogging world.


cathy said...

@just-a-mom: thank you so much for your comment. it means a lot when someone enjoys reading about the wacky things I do in life :)