30 August 2009

simple is best

qwithn01last wednesday was the perfect morning. it started with a sugar loaded breakfast at a nearby patisserie/boulangerie with N. yes it’s a lot of sugar, yes i had a sugar high – but i think every now and then a breakfast like that is okay, right? right.

qwithn02pastries make me so happy, i can’t help but draw on them. they’ve all got individual personalities, i just accent it and bring it out. and then eat them.

*we had a most delicious veggie burger for lunch a few hours later. so it all balanced out.

qwithn03and then we walked. and i have to say, québec has the best grass in any place, in any city,that i’ve ever visited. there aren’t any fire ants waiting to bite me. there isn’t any dog poop waiting for me to smush. there aren’t twigs waiting to be snapped in half. there aren’t random patches of dirt. it’s nothing but softness and lushness for blistered feet. there’s also that morning dew that makes the grass refreshing. i kicked off my shoes and fell right down into a bed of bliss.

i’ve decided one of the magic formulas in life is: good food + good company + good weather = happiness.

that morning was amazing enough. and it only got better and better in the afternoon and as the sun fell. but i’m saving that story for plus tard.

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