21 August 2009

une texane, une québécoise, et une tartine belge aux vermicelles de chocolat

i’m back. with a week’s worth of adventures, photos, and food to share! but let’s start simple.

one of my hosts, N, is from québec (therefore, a québécoise) but she’s dating a boy from belgium (a belge). and his favorite thing to eat for breakfast is tartine.

but what is a tartine? do a google image search and you get tons and tons of images that look nothing like one another. however, do a wordreference search and you get a simple answer. tartiner = to spread. tartine = a slice of bread. and wikipedia tells me that a tartine is simply an open faced sandwich.

and so she introduced me to a favorite belgium breakfast version of tartine.

tartine01 1. take a slice of bread, toast it if you’d like, and spread it with some nutella.

tartine022. then sprinkle it generously with vermicelles de chocolat (french), or schokoladenstreusel (german), or chocoladehagelslag (dutch). or, if you prefer, chocolate sprinkles (english). N is learning dutch, because her boyfriend lives in belgium (and speaks it as well) where dutch is an official language since it shares a border with the netherlands in the north.

tartine033. and then you eat. (she’s good… there’s only one sprinkle that didn’t make it to the toast. can you find it?)


Miriam Leigh said...

Chocolate sprinkles on toast! For breakfast! I love it.

x said...

yum nutella!

that is one giant box of sprinkles!

Lissa said...

Yeah that's so Belgian :p
You should try the Callebaut dark chocolate sprinkles, they're definitely the best.

jami said...

My Dutch friend used to bring this for lunch in 4th grade. Try comparing that to bologna! How I longed to live in her house...

Anonymous said...

Sprinkles are soooo Dutch!!

hyperwink@gmail.com said...
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cathy said...

@miriam: me too!
@x: i guess when it's a breakfast item, you go through it faster!
@lissa: will do!
@jami: thank goodness we are older now and now longer have to be envious :)
@anon: thanks, good to know! i wasn't sure about the origins, but dutch it is!

fanny said...

hi Cathy, thanks for the sweet words on my blog. as for this tartine, it looks insanely good.

xx fanny

Jennie said...

I never know how to translate tartine into English to make it sound better. I wish there was one word for it that sounded as nice as tartine in French.

Dutch/Flemish is also an official language in Belgium because the northern half (Flanders) speaks it, not just because of the border with the Netherlands. :)

Mark Aguhar said...

What's with the sprinkles thing? My french/swiss friend has the same exact box of chocolate sprinkles, if I'm not mistaken.

SaraSherman said...

Definitely going to try this one...great post :)