12 September 2009


sunset01 dear france, i’d like to thank you for the pretty welcome.

sunset02aisle seats just can’t compare to the window seat. no debate. i’ll sacrifice bathroom access and leg room for views like this.

sunset03concerts, plays, operas, etc. also can’t compare to the show the sun puts on. it’s free, has unlimited seating, never cancels, and is always different from previous shows.!

sunset04i’m pretty sure i also cut the life of my retinas short by a few years looking directly at the sun through my camera. but it was so worth it.

sunset05 i also apologize to the people in the rows in front of and behind me for the click-click-click-click they had to endure.

sunset06i’m also glad my mom went along with my crazy plan of renting an apartment through craigslist, because now i’ve got un vrai  appartement parisien for a few days rather than a hotel that just repeats itself over and over through various countries.

after she leaves, it’ll be life in evreux! but now is play time. i’m so excited to show and share with her all the things about france that makes me happy.

ps, isn’t it funny how clouds and oceans are similar…?


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous photos!!! The apartment sounds so lovely, far better than a hotel anyday. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures in France!

émilie said...

Je lis ton blog depuis un moment et je n'ai jamais osé laisser de message...Mais là je suis obligée: Bienvenue à Paris ;)

donna said...

i admire your courage, and also your "joie de vivre"......i was once a young art student......i had a crazy love of france.....and still do......i raised a family.....but dreamed of living in a flat in paris......last fall my grown sons and husband took me to paris and we stayed in a wonderful flat on st. honore.....my heart is still on that 4th floor....i will check back to see what's new in your life....

Nicisme said...

What a fab welcome, good luck in France!

cathy said...

@jennifer: thank you!
@emilie: merci beaucoup! je suis très heureuse parce que maintenant j'ai mon premier comment en français! et merci pour l'accueil!
@donna: i hope you can go back to the 4th floor one day :) at least, paris will always be here!
@nicisme: thanks! i'll definitely be taking advantage of its close priximity to britain... !