09 September 2009

the best words come from the letter “p.” and occasionally “c.” example: cla-foo-teeeeeee!

clafoutis01pamplemousse. parapluie. pistachio. pupitre.  pinocchio. penelope. pitter patter. pfffffffffft! why are p words so much fun? p-p-p-p-p-p! i could make the sound all day.

however, there are some rare non-p words that are also very fun to say. and one of them is clafoutis. cla-foo-tee! cla-foo-tee! i think i enjoy it so much because part of it rhymes with “BOO!”

clafoutis02anyway, this is the very last thing i made from my beloved june 2008 issue of saveurs. adapted from p. 131

the ingredients:

butter to grease the pan (i suggest a shallow pan.)

250g strawberries (or any fruit you have on hand. roomie and i happened to have lots of frozen strawberries and blueberries that needed to go.)

4 eggs

150g sugar

70g all-purpose flour

1 tsp almond extract

2 tsp lemon zest

20ml heavy cream

20ml whole milk

First, grease the pan super-well with the butter. I wouldn’t skip it. But i did. And I learned my lesson the hard way. You’ll see why later…

Preheat your oven to 400F.

Chop the strawberries/fruit into halves or quarters, depending on the size and then spread them out in the pan.

clafoutis03Whisk the eggs with the sugar. Add the flour and keep whisking. Then add the extract, zest, cream, and milk. Whisk it until nicely mixed. And pour it right over your fruit.

clafoutis04Those have to be happy berries. Wouldn’t you be happy too if you were surrounded by lemon zest, cream, and milk? Slide it into the preheated oven, and wait until finished.

when is it done? Just do the skewer/knife test, and if it comes out clean, take it out and dig in! but don’t burn yourself. (I say this because you could bake them in tiny ramekins, which would take 20 min, or a large dish like mine, which I think took about an hour.)

clafoutis05here it is in its delicious glory! but look at the edge, it’s not very crusty looking, is it…?

clafoutis06Because I didn’t grease the pan at all, the crust became one with it… no amount of scraping could release the crust. The crust, my favorite thing to eat, was unfortunately subjected to a long soak with some hot water and soap later on :(. What a sad waste of deliciousness!

clafoutis07ah! but we had lots of blueberries as well. my roommate noticed i hadn’t greased this pan either – so after I took the photo, he removed the berries and greased that baby. i didn’t bother to retake the photo. anyway, repeat the same step… mix mix mix, pour, bake…

clafoutis08 look! a defined golden-brown beautiful crust!

*another factor, aside from the buttering, is that we used a shallower pan this time.

clafoutis09you can see all that butter left on the pan. mmm! also, i think it helped let the edge “release” and thus curl in so nicely instead of being stuck to the sides.

clafoutis10i can’t help but think of the moon’s surface when i see the texture and pattern of this clafoutis.

ps, if only i were near an oven this coming halloween, because i would totally make a cla-BOO-tis! with candy corn. i don’t care how wrong that sounds. i think halloween, and i think candy corn! but don’t worry, it isn’t going to be made :( .

pps, and on a totally random note, when i am settled down in life and can finally adopt dogs, they will be named after nuts. the first one will be pistachio. and the second one will be named cashew. i don’t think i’ll get a third, but he/she would be almond. but nothing with the word “nut” in it – so no walnut, hazelnut, or peanut. as you can see i like to dream about my future, and that is one day i am especially looking forward to.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE clafoutis!!! Yours look SOOO good!

Lucy said...

This Post and all the P words really made me smile! And your clafoutis (it really is a lovely word!) look gorgeous :)

cathy said...

@jennifer: glad we share the same love :)

@lucy: Thank you! happy to see another p-word lover out there!