09 September 2009

catch up: the end of an austin summer

as much as i wanted to write nice, long, detailed recipes of everything i did this summer… i just don’t have time. and if i don’t do this, then these photos won’t ever see the light of day. i’m hopping on a plane on friday, to be away from my beloved books and oven and spatula for nine months…

so this is the quick catch-up edition of my last days in austin. i still have a catch-up post for the short summer in dallas. and i still have to share the best story ever from québec. i just can’t stop doing stuff, which leads to a huge backlog of things i want to write about.

but in a time crunch, this is all I can do!

endofsummer01petits pains au lait – milk rolls. 2 different recipes, p. 96 and 97 from Bernard Clayton’s The Breads of France and How to Bake Them in Your Own Kitchen. this bread = amazing. so, so, so good. i’m salivating just thinking about how happy roomie M and i were eating this bread.

endofsummer02 pain siegle – rye bread. p. 100 from clayton’s above-mentioned book. Uhm. I don’t know if i don’t like rye bread, or if i just don’t like this recipe. Roomie M and i decided that perhaps following a rye-bread recipe from a french bread baking book was not the best idea. then again, it could be that i just automatically disliked anything that wasn’t like the milk bread or the beaucaire bread.

endofsummer03Urner Älplermagronen – macaronis et pommes de terre au fromage – potato and macaroni bake from urnen – i would like to first say that i am not a fan of all the required capitalization in german. at least in english, it is only proper nouns that need to be capitalized… but not in german, all nouns are important as well. i like being lazy and using all lowercase! plus it is aesthetically more pleasing. from p.36 of my Schweizer Küche book.

Essentially potatoes boiled together with pasta, then baked with layers of cheese along with fried onions on top. So. Good. But. Oh. So. Heavy.

I had leftover macaroni from this, so I just made it again. But the second time around, I added some broccoli. Much better.

endofsummer04Okra. From the farmer’s market. I loved nothing more than biking to the farmer’s market on saturday mornings and picking a fruit/veggie that I wasn’t accustomed to. Usually in restaurants this stuff is dipped in batter and fried. But I decided to sauté it with some garlic. Even more delicious, in my opinion. Also, I discovered that I really really really liked the taste of burnt garlic. SO GOOD.

endofsummer05A chocolate cake from foodbeam. Like a brownie and a cake combined. This was dangerous. But it hit the spot perfectly. And I don’t have to admit this, but I will: I curdled the eggs, so i was left with an interesting texture. But that didn’t stop roomie M and I from happily inhaling this cake.

endofsummer06Cocoa mochi. Recipe is on the box. No oven – microwave only! I’m not a fan of mochi. But I needed to do something with the rice flour, and I had lots of cocoa, so mochi it was. My lovely friend KRB is a vegan and devoured this because it is a pretty nice replacement for gelatin. Unfortunately, she ate so much she got sick of it :( Poor mochi! Being super delicious only hurt it in the end.

byebyebikeMy bike. mon vélo. The real end to Austin. I sold my bike because lugging it back to Dallas to let it sit and be useless was not worth it. A bike should be ridden, not collecting dust. So, when I said goodbye to my bike, it was definitely the real goodbye to Austin.

Austin, I <3 you, and if I end up living in Texas eventually, there is no doubt i will pick you to live in. You’re 100000000000x better than dallas, houston, or san antonio.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Everything looks so good! I particularly like you Alplermagronen and cocoa mochi!



x said...

oh man that bread looks amazing, drooling at my desk. love warm delicious bread. have you ever read Jeffrey Steingarten's essays on bread? fabulous.

cathy said...

@rosa: thank you!

@x: nope, but i shall do some googling now. thanks for the heads up.