25 September 2009


churchlight01 i’ll be honest here, i really don’t care too much about the history of all these european churches… and the stories of all the saints and and all… i mean, it’s nice, but it just doesn’t make me tick, like say, a cake does.

and photography wise – i’m not a fan of taking pictures of churches because aside from the fact that they don’t interest me a lot, the postcards for sale have waaaay better photos, thanks to the angle/light/etc.

churchlight02but! i still enjoy them very much, and here’s why:

1. usually free

2. usually very cool inside (i hope they’re warm in the winter… i’ll see!)

3. chairs to sit on and rest

but today, i added a 4th reason.

we all know this: churches (or any building for that matter), architecturally speaking, are all about light.

churchlight03light. i love light. sunrise, sunset, light is the most crucial ingredient in making a photo. without, i’d rather not make a photo. and flash? never. ever. i hate it.

churchlight05 so with their stained glass windows and flickering candles, amazing possibilities open up!

churchlight04 for me, the photo on the left is too literal – there’s too much going on, and you know it’s related to jesus. but on the right… it’s a blur. a haze. it could be any religion, anywhere, at any time. for anybody.

that interests me more: the spirituality that people experience and feel, rather than their religion.

hmmm. i think i have another idea i want to explore now…!

plus i’m in love with the perfect lines of circles.

posted by cathy at 11:58 pm on september 25th, 2008 in evreux about a basilicia she visited in lisieux earlier on in the day.


donna said...

as an artist, i love light....i live near the ocean, and love the light cast from the sea....it's mesmerizing to me personally....i truly relate to how you "see" things....and also want to say that my faith is ALL about light......the light that i personally bring to this world....a true choice

cathy said...

ocean light is a whole 'nother beauty!
and your type of light is wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your photos of this wonderful church. I visited it in August 09 with a friend and we were spell bound - it took our breath away -the beauty of the place and the story behind it. The pictures capture the true aura of the moment...I was touch and transported back in time.
Greetings from London