08 September 2009


pierrelarentreeemail i didn’t sign up to be on pierre hermé’s mailing list until a month ago, even though i’ve known about its existence for quite some time.

and why? because i knew i couldn’t take it to be shown such beautiful creations if i couldn’t be there!

but, since i will actually be within a reasonable distance to paris,  i finally signed up. and it’s still painful. painful because each and every one of those millefeuilles, i want. badly. but there’s no way 7 of those are going to fit in me. so, decisions have to be made and some must be cut.

pierrelarentreeemail02i’m so sorry, praline, and chocolate. you’re out. unfortunately, there are still 5 left.

pierrelarentreeemail03maybe vanilla. okay, bye vanilla... even if you are infinite. 4 left. i love strawberries and pistachios, but strawberries are super common… so goodbye.

pierrelarentreeemail043 left. rose and lychee? you’re so pretty, i could never say no to you! passion fruit? you’re my favorite flavor in taiwan, i have to pick you. and pistachio and apricots and saffron? you’re a combination i’ve never tried or thought of, so i have to go with you…

as you can see, i’m not sure i could be a successful leader because i’m terrible about decisions and always vacillate. and this is just pastries. can you imagine me having to to be in charge of employees? i just hate saying “no.” but i have to. everybody has to.

and sadly, they all disappear after the 27th! (if i understand Disponible du 26/08/2009 au 27/09/2009 correctly.) so i can’t take my sweet time. i’m not sure which one i’ll end up picking. but apologies in advance to all the pretty millefeuilles, i’m sorry i can’t choose all of you!

and i also promise to not complain again about something as trivial as this, since i am very very grateful that there won’t be an ocean separating me + pierre hermé pastries anymore for a few months.

now, back to packing and preparing instead of wasting time!

*ps, in case it isn’t obvious, none of these photos are by me. they are all from the pierre hermé website.

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