10 September 2009


i’m sorry for flooding this poor journal with so many posts. but it had to be done today, my last full day in texas.

i would like to note that i did not write all three previous entries today. i always write a big chunk of thoughts shortly after i make things… and then procrastinate on selecting photos and editing it all into a nice post. but i didn’t want to have any kitchen related things spill over after tomorrow, and i didn’t want to abandon the posts i had started. i wanted to finish while everything was still (slightly) fresh in my mind.

my thought process was: do i really want to be writing about things i baked in texas while i am in france? no! so do it now. before you forget. while its still relevant. while you still care about it, because once you cross that ocean, you’re going to want to write about the new things there that inspire you, rather than the old things that are piled up on your laptop. so, now.

i did it. bam. done! no more backlog!

but most importantly, i wanted a clear divide between my cooking  and baking pre-europe and post-europe. (québec travels don’t count! those are coming later on. plus, i still have lots of taiwan travels i haven’t written about either… it’s only kitchen stuff in texas that i’m weird about)

so this is THE END to my 2009 kitchen adventures in texas. after today, it will be whatever adventures i have in europe. and then i will resume when i come back to texas, but it will be on a new and refreshed slate filled with tons of new ideas, tastes, and smells! (not just baking…. life… art… photography… languages… metals… etc… etc…) and of course, new books as well!

so, get ready for THE BEGINNING!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I can't wait to read the next posts!

Have a great weekend!



Nina said...

Sounds great! Good luck with the move. We all look forward to your wonderful new beginning and postings. Cheers from New York!

cathy said...

@rosa and nina: thank you so much! i'm more than excited as well :)!