19 September 2009

evreux through fresh eyes

i’m settling into my new home in evreux, and the best way to get to know a place is to walk!  i didn’t want to carry weight, so i took my point and shoot with me. which i regret. i always have a mental debate: sore shoulders, pretty photos OR happy shoulders, not-so-pretty photos? It’s a tough call! so please excuse my not-so-pretty photos.

i <3 <3 <3 the river in my new town, the river Iton. It’s everything that the seine in paris isn’t. crystal clear, ducks swimming around, full of fish, little waterfalls, pretty flowers lining all the bridges… so perfect.

first stop: quoi d’autre? what else? the boulangeries and patisseries! okay, life is good, as long as there is a bread (and pastry) shop near me, i don’t really need anything else to be happy!

and as i kept walking, i began a count of all the stores, 4… 5… 6…

13… 14… 15… this place is full of them! i underestimated how seriously the french take their bakeries. i expected 2, 3 max in evreux. well. this makes it tough. i’m going to have to actually pick a favorite. i have… options? a choice? i was content to have only one bakery, but now i have 15+! and i only explored two quartiers (areas, districts) today. … which means… there are more to be discovered… and to choose from…!

i’ve also been discovering my favorite places to sit where i can eat the things i purchase. and this spot is one of them. if i glance right, i get to enjoy the view of the giant church of evreux…

and if i look left, i see… a merry-go-round!? what? yeah. that’s right.

here they are together. the church and the carousel. this is a pairing i never would’ve thought of. but it’s so perfect and i love it. kind of like when someone tells you about the honey mustard + soy sauce + curry powder combination. or rose + raspberry + litchi. or matcha + french pastries. you like them, but you don’t think of putting them together. and when you do… instant love. forever. and ever. so now, carousels and cathedrals are inseparable in my mind.

*bonus points for those who understood my reference to my two favorite patissiers!

and. then. i. found. the. jackpot.

the. farmer’s market.

oh my gosh. when i was in dallas, i missed the farmer’s market in austin. austin’s market is wonderful. but. this one. I LOVE. twice a week. merchants who i’m going to charm and talk to and learn all sorts of things about whatever they are selling. snails. cheese. strawberries. figs. tomatoes. i am going armed with an empty stomach + SLR camera next time!

applestolen01ahhh, then i went home, took a break, and swapped cameras for the rest of my explorations. control over blur. i missed you, my pretty blurs!

applestolen02and then my walk became uncomfortable because i felt as if i were walking on tons of tennis balls. but nope, i looked down, and i saw tons of rotten apples.

applestolen03and i looked up… and… un pommier. an apple tree. i don’t want to admit it, but i’m 22 and i can’t remember the last time i saw a real live apple tree. or if i’ve ever seen one before.

i looked left, looked right… and quickly plucked an apple off the tree and threw it into my purse. *ahem* sorry. it had to be done. but if it makes you feel better, it tasted very sour so i won’t be stealing anymore apples ever! i just wanted to pluck an apple off a tree, since it seems like someone everyone should do that at least once in their lives.

i think evreux has given me a very nice first impression :)

posted by cathy at 1:43 am on september 20, 2009 although she really considers it september 19 about the things she did earlier today in evreux. and the reason why she is posting so late is not because of jetlag but because she doesn’t have a hairdryer yet, is cold, and is waiting for her wet hair to become dry so she can go to bed.


... on the Moon said...

hey! this is the other lady from texas who had a short visa! your blog is amazing! can't wait to read more.

Ciao Chow Linda said...

Evreux looks like a very interesting place and bigger than I thought. Lucky you to be near so many bakeries with great bread and pastries.

cathy said...

@on the moon: hello! thanks. i hope you also have an amazing time in france!!

@linda: for a tourist, i think it still qualifies as boring. but for a new home, it is very exciting!!

hope n laughter said...

Evreux is so much bigger than I first thought. I love small towns with charms which Evreux seems to be through your eyes.