06 September 2009


it feels very different to be using a film camera. and not just any film camera, but a camera that is now considered ancient and was once used by someone years ago in my family before it was left alone and forgotten. perhaps an uncle or my grandfather.

but anyway, i lugged it all the way from taiwan 2 years ago and was too afraid to touch it since i didn’t want to “waste” film on something that didn’t have auto focus, a light meter, self-rewind, or any other luxury i was used to. so it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that i was brave, put in a roll of film, and started clicking away.

oldcanon01 the kitchen.

oldcanon02the fish tank.

oldcanon03 the camera cabinet.

i haven’t decided what type of photos i want to make with it. but at least i’m thinking about it.


Shannon said...

i love the old-timey quality that film brings to a photo- we have to do only film projects at school and they are always fun to do with my old school completly manual slr

cathy said...

@shannon: and you can't top all the sounds and clicks of an old camera... music to my ears!

Jennifer said...

I ADORE old film cameras... something I do wish I had of my own. I cant wait to see more of what you do with it!