05 September 2009

happy first birthday, lpf!

lpfbirthdaycakebon anniversaire, mon petit journal!
生日快樂, 我的小日志簿! / sheng1 ri4 kuai4 le4, wo3 de xiao3 ri4 zhi4 bu4!
Herzliche Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, meine kleine Zeitschrift!
happy birthday, my little journal!

tu as un ans!
你一歲了﹗ni3 yi1 sui4 le!
Du bist ein Jahre alt!
you're one year old!

et écrire en quatre langues me prend trop de temps.
and writing in 4 languages is too time consuming.

one small correction for the very first sentence i ever wrote: je la retournerai. wrong. (i will return it.) it's supposed to be j'y retournerai (i will return there). but regardless of my error, i made the intent of my dream come true. that's right. six more days until i find myself seven hours ahead... in france.

one year ago, it was driving me mad that I was away from europe with no real reason to return... so all that energy went into this journal and has kept me sane. but more than sane, my goals and plans in life are a lot clearer now that i've been writing about them. and i'm excited to continue pursuing them. ideas are forming and spinning in all sorts of directions. and the only thing for sure is that language, food, and art are sure to be involved. the same exact things i obsess over in life and in la prochaine fois.

je continuerai à réaliser mes rêves pour toujours.
我一定會一直繼續追隨我的夢想 / wo3 yi2 ding4 hui4 yi4 zhi2 ji4 xu4 zhui1 sui2 wo3 de meng4 xiang3.
Ich werde meine Träume zu folgen ständig fortsetzen.*
i will continue to follow my dreams forever.

*i also promise that in one year i'll become knowledgeable enough to correct that german sentence since i'm pretty sure i messed up the word order / vocabulary / grammar.

so one last time, happy birthday!


hope n laughter said...

That's awesome that you are taking an active step in accomplishing your dreams/wishes. Hope it goes beyond greatness for you. N feliz cumpleanos to your journal.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Happy 1st B'day! All the very best!



cathy said...

@hope: aww, thanks for such nice words! :) and thanks for the spanish as well... i'm going to re-learn it, one day!

@rose: thank you!

Nicisme said...

A bit late but Happy Blog Birthday all the same!