28 September 2009

one of the million ways that the french make crepes

crepe01in my third time observing how people make crepes, i’ve discovered there is no “one way.” each time, the methods and techniques have been completely different.

which makes it more fun, anyway.

crepe02for example, to grease the pan, my neighbor C uses a potato dipped in oil. never thought about doing that, but it works!

crepe03then you pour in the batter, swirl it around…

crepe04and you use this odd shaped wooden spatula to flip your crepe. i can’t but help of toy wooden swords when i see it.

crepe05and voila, a crepe! with the texture of the moon. last step: sprinkle normal sugar on top… instead of powdered sugar, which surprised me because powdered sugar tastes so good.

posted by cathy at 9:21 am in evreux

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émilie said...

hum!!! Les crêpes sucre/citron sont mes préférées...