01 September 2009

québec red, white, and blue + back to german

ok, so i know canada’s flag is red and white. but i just love the color combo of red, white, and blue. but i suppose it kind of counts because québec's flag is white and blue…

quebecred red for the freshest, most delicious raspberries grown and sold in the marché du vieux-port of québec.

quebecwhitewhite for all the delicious cheeses that are made from happy québec cows. and eaten by even happier tourists from texas.

quebecblue blue for the blue sand at the musée de la civilisation. no photoshop here, just blue sand and blue toys!

museeposterbonus colors: i am in love love love with the poster for the current exhibition of the gardens on the roof of the museum. it’s just so well designed, i can’t stop looking at it!

that was last last week. as for something more current: it is now september! i leave in 11 days. that means i have exactly ten days to finish a german grammar workbook. i’ve divvied it up to 30 pages a day, and i will finish it. i’ve procrastinated long enough (making ice cream, editing photos, playing on wikipedia…), and i refuse to forget all i’ve learned! i’ve run away to the library where i’ve got no distractions.

so, french pause, german resume! Ich muss nicht vergessen! (i sure hope that is right, if i forgot something as simple as that, i’m in trouble…)

sponge02except. no distraction. really? what a lie. i found myself a nice pile of cookbooks… but, it’s a lot less lethal than the internet. the internet has news sites, email, facebook, google reader, twitter, wikipedia, etc. etc. etc. but cookbooks? they’re so harmless in comparison. and so wonderful because they’re also free!


Andrew's Mom said...

Free cookbooks - heaven.

cathy said...

@andrew's mom: heaven indeed. <3