16 September 2009


jetlag07i think my obsession for used books, vintage clothing, old cameras/photographs, and sunrises all stems with my love for the word timeless. the mystery of not knowing exactly when... only that it isn't now.

and making blurry photos fits right in, because when everything is blurred, you can’t really tell when the photo was made, which just adds to to the effect.

jetlag01i even write with the idea of this journal being timeless – i want someone to read it years into the future, and it still be relevant to them. that, and basically not caring, is why i don’t write about my daily life.


adding to my theme of being timeless, blogger is not not allowing me to change my time zone without automatically re-dating all my old posts, so i’ve decided to just let it remain at texas time. in other words, the time/date won’t be correct for the next few months. one will just have to mentally add seven hours in their head.

jetlag02another time related thing is the much dreaded jet-lag. what does one do at 5 AM, eyes wide open with nothing to do…? take a walk! with a camera. and aside from the sunrise, there is another huge huge huge advantage to being up with the rest of the city is still sleeping. hint: even though i’m showing you a photo, you can’t get the full experience because you had to be there to smell it.

that’s right. pre-sunrise is when the bread delivery trucks come out.

jetlag03i see you, monsieur, stocking up the cases with all sorts of delicious things! just look at all those racks of freshly baked bread…!

jetlag04i am pretty sure the french and japanese are equals when it comes to best utilization of space.  

jetlag08and as i kept walking, i spotted three more of those beloved trucks. they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but one thing stays the same: the smell!

jetlag09a peek into a boulangerie. they may be empty now, but not for long!

jetlag10a few hours later… and the obligatory first-baguette-in-france photo! i got lucky and picked a good bakery, apparently they were #1 in 2004 for best baguette in paris.

16 september 2009, 11:24 PM.


Jennifer said...

Oh I loved this post!!!!! Timeless- such a perfect description. I too love those very things. Your early morning adventures with the camera make me and my cup of coffee over emails feel a wee lazy ;) Lovely and inspiring way to begin the day!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Great post! I love those blurry shots!



donna said...

i believe i can smell that baguette from here.........

jess said...

i've come across your blog through the assistants in france forum, it's very very good! i love your photography!

cathy said...

@jennifer: nono, i was only up because of jetlag. so no need to feel lazy!
@rosa: merci :)
@donna: you've an awesome sense of smell!
@jess: thank you very much!