29 September 2009

why it feels safer in france

street01no city, town, village, or whatever is any more safe or less dangerous than any other. bad things exist everywhere, and you just have to hope that it doesn’t find you.

but in my little town of evreux, it feels safer just because it’s smaller and quieter.

and a little detail that gives it that feeling of safeness? there are people watching you everywhere you go. little people. can you see the one staring right at you in the above photo? he’s watching to see if you’re doing anything wrong!

street02no? okay, i’ve circled him for you. you may be wondering why he’s stuck there observing passerbys all day long. and here’s why: his job is to hold window shutters open! those wooden panels you see on the left are the shutters, and once opened, they need to stay open. so thats the job of the little man.

windowsand they’re just everywhere. so next time you go for a walk in france, look out for the people looking right at you. so make sure to be on your best behavior, because they see all!

posted by cathy at 9:54 am in evreux


Jennifer said...

Oh wow that is interesting!!!!

donna said...

they are all so individual......it's fascinating that there is not just one standard shutter holder.....how did you notice them?...they could be easily overlooked.....

cathy said...

ill be honest, a friend pointed them out to me. otherwise, i think it might've been longer... or never, for me to discover them!