08 October 2009

don’t ever deprive yourself. ever.

reimsbiscuit01i am stupid and i thought i could ignore this very important rule about myself:

don’t deny yourself the things you like.

which would be: baking and cooking.

i can’t believe i thought i could live 8 months without touching an oven. or a stove. or a fridge. the tough part is that the kitchen is only open 12pm-1pm + 8:30pm-11:00pm on weekdays, and all day on weekends. i thought i’d be OK eating the cafeteria food during the week, and cooking occasionally on the weekends and eating out.

but. i can’t. believe. that. the. worst. food. i’ve. ever. had. in. my. life. has. been. in. france. because france is home of some of the best things i’ve ever tasted.

i knew i wasn’t going to like the cafeteria meat, but the vegetables… i didn’t think it was possible to mess it up. but when everything, and i mean everything, is canned… and then slathered with mystery creams and sauce… i crack. i can’t eat the meat, i can’t eat the veggies, what is left…?

my reasoning was that i didn’t want to buy things that i was going to trash in may, but at this point i don’t care. so very soon, i’m going to have a whisk, a spatula, a tart pan, a chef’s knife, a very cheap scale, a cutting board, a wooden spoon, a cooking pan…. just the basics. but enough for me to at least survive. my plan is to cook during lunch, then bring my delicious leftovers to the cafeteria for dinner. after all, not everyone is as picky as me and i refuse to abandon the social aspect. as bad as the food is, it at least brings people together.

even if it means less money for traveling around europe or buying books, i won’t be completely happy if i’m not eating things i make.

reimsbiscuit02in other news, i am a five minute walk from my favorite cookies in france, the biscuits rose de reims! much better than being a 10 hour $$$$$$$$ plane ride away. much better.

reimsbiscuit03and i have also finally set up my photo studio! which consists of… a sheet of paper, my desk, and a window. ta-dah! so now i can make pretty pictures of all the yummy things i’ll be making (and buying).

reimsbiscuit05the beautiful crumbs and powdered sugar of the cookies. how i love love them.

posted by cathy at 4:47 pm in evreux on 8 october 2009.


Jayme said...

please tell us more about these biscuits rose de reims! I've never heard of them (not surprisingly though haha). I did a brief search online and it appears these are another French confection with a closely guarded secret recipe? They look beautiful! What do they taste like? Do they have any sort of filling inside?

best wishes on getting back into the kitchen :)

donna said...

where there's a will there's a way!........

cathy said...

@jayme: i wrote about my first encounter with them here: http://laprochainefois.blogspot.com/2008/09/biscuits-roses-de-reims.html - but essentially, the are the prettiest and tastiest lady fingers i've ever had! no filling, but super light and crispy - until you decide to dip them in some champagne or milk, then they become a whole different delicious story.

@donna: thanks :)