23 October 2009

happy early halloween

batsi don’t think anybody at the foyer knows about my blog. so it should be safe to post this.

since i’m leaving tomorrow for strasbourg and mannheim, i won’t be here for halloween…. which means, halloween has to be celebrated now since the impact isn’t the same once its past (trust me, i’ve gone to halloween parties on nov 1 – its never the same.)

so everybody is getting a bat on their door tomorrow morning (or rather, later today)

doing simply silly stuff like this makes me happy. and life more exciting.

i also love my job because when i attended a training session i got to make patisseries. maybe not edible… but still.

dramaticcloudsand in other news, i’ve begun pursuing yet another passion, yet another thing that makes me tick… and even if it’s scary chasing a dream, it feels good to be pursuing actively rather than just sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

i just hope i can be successful with this new dream. and if not, well, i’ll just keep trying until it works! i’ll succeed eventually.

sheepand i’ll leave you with my favorite thing from france – the moutons! (sheep)

see you after the vacances!

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donna said...

LOVE the bats!!!.....i understand what you are doing.....you can't leave ALL customs and holidays behind....my sis lived in the netherlands, and then in heidelberg.....she did a blending of customs.....she told me today that sometimes she didn't understand the holiday she was celebrating (she was rural).but had fun anyway!