20 October 2009

quiche lorraine… with gruyere cheese

foyercooking01did you know you can buy bacon here already chopped up? allumettes, they call them – matchsticks. fine with me, less work.

foyercooking02regardless of how well a country is known for its food… nothing, and i mean nothing, tops something you make yourself that comes out of a hot oven. is it possible for the phrase “freshly baked __________” to ever end in something bad? don’t think so.

foyercooking031 crust. 2 eggs. 200ml heavy cream. bacon. gruyere… that was AOC protected. salt. pepper. me eating something i made – heaven.

foyercooking04oh, and every sunday here at the foyer it’s family dinner, with a rotating theme. this week was my turn: tex-mex. well, faux tex-mex since i’ve never ever made tex-mex before… after all, why would I when i am surrounded by so many good restaurants?

and this is my tower of hand-made tortillas. but it wouldn’t have happened for all the helpers i had. large group of people cooking together for a big meal = something i treasure so, so, much. most people only get to do that for major holidays. but i get to do it every sunday with people from all over the world who i absolutely adore.

well, except for the 8 sundays in which i won’t be there thanks to the paid 8 weeks of vacation i have.

starting this week – toussaint! yay for toussaint vacation!


donna said...

your tortillas look great being that they are french tortillas....i am assuming they are flour, as masa harina would be impossible to find.......it reminds me of christmas when we used to make tamales...anyone nearby was asked to help..especially if you were going to eat them.....

x said...

quiche is a wonderful thing.

émilie said...

miam miam...la quiche lorraine est une de mes tartes salées préférées avec la pissaladière <3

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That is something I really love! Great shape of pan!



cathy said...

@donna: yep, flour tortillas indeed.
@x: always
@emilie: je dois goutter une pissaladière un jour!
@rosa: definitly liking squares more than circles right now!

émilie said...

La meilleure pissaladière se mange bien sûr à Nice ;) Mais en attendant je peux te passer la recette de ma mère si tu veux?

cathy said...

@emilie: bien sur! mmm les recettes des mères sont toujours les meilleurs. et un jour, je voudrais aller a Nice! le sud et la mer me plaisent beaucoup :)